the poetry that matters

Lee Minh Sloca

Lee Minh Sloca escaped Vietnam two weeks prior to its collapse. After college, he worked for 14 years with special needs children. Lee lives in Los Angeles, CA. His work has been printed in publications as “The Wanderlust Review,” “Kartika Review,” and “Beyond Baroque Magazine;” or with online magazines as “Mad Swirl,” “Cha: An Asian Literary Journal,” and “Rio Grande Review.”


                                                I. wake up
                                                     (i) get out of bed
                                                I. wake up
                                                     (i) take long shower
                                                         without soap
                                                I. wake up
                                                     (i) shave
                                                     (i) cry
                                                I. wake up
                                                     (i) try to remember how
                                                         Maya’s eyes color holidays
                                                I. wake up
                                                     (i) get dressed
                                                I. wake up
                                                     (i) re-heat the same
                                                          pot of coffee
                                                         & wait for the warmth of darkness
                                                I. wake up
                                                     & (i) sink hard
                                                              into wet pillows
                                                              where ocean of her
                                                              farewell ebbs me
                                                1(1). wakes up
                                                     ii. go to work



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