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Kevin Spenst

Kevin Spenst's prose has appeared in the pages of Geist, Broken Pencil and Hacksaw Zine. He has one collection of flash fiction in print called Fast Fictions which was launched with a fifty-venue, one-day only reading tour of Vancouver: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4yOV4qKNEpo To date he's written over 1111 short-short stories online.

His latest adventure in persistence and technology can be found at https://twitter.com/kevinspenst where he's been writing three poems a day since December of 2008. Some of these poems have gone on to appear in inscribed, 4 and 20 poetry journal and the Vancouver magazine, one cool word. One of his longer poems came in as a finalist in a Valetine's day poetry contest held by the magazine Writer's Digest.

Kevin Spenst is registered in the Masters in Creative Writing progam at UBC.




communication breaks down into
a history of common gifts,
finger-touched offerings to the new
king of kings,
lord of lords,
NEtWork of NetWorks

(breaks between Twitter posts
consist solely of divination into
twinkie guts on turtle shells
to get my made-in-China blessing for this epic)

twitter plucked courage
from heart-hidden ambition
to write an epic of the Internet steeped in
agnostic mysticism
words nesting back to om

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

   This is lexical level 2 (level zero is reserved for the operating system and level 1 for code segments).

   — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

from Sanskrit to packet switching these words think your world into awe to create 
                                 liturgical matter from logos of logins to cold war ARPANET

(switching gears grates grannies
but now your kenny logins to computers
kills muffled child's head smashed in
screen as feet dangle footloose)

now everyone can go epic
in mouse moves to everywhere
to the HTMLing of everything
on blog posting pics of universe
reflected on gob of spit

— At level 2 we place global variables for our program.

mouse makes magnum opus
as he Speedy Gonzalezes
ahead of morning
around & around the globe
with footprints writing out anthology of sunrises

Gonzalezes also go into this TwitterEpic
to knock together a narrative of names
that align to mean yours

& the first sounds of words
to start on the incipit
"in those days"
Bereishit Menis,

all a beautiful babel pressed against a heartbeat

integer i, j, k
real f, g
array a [0:9]

conspiracy theory #1:

1)the 60s began with Burroughs Corporation computing large systems while William’s soft machine ejaculated cutups to undo the logic of ancestors

2)William Burrough's theurgy turned weird into flesh & foul blood into beats in adding machine heart that tallied up all the drugs of his days

3)Beats in the50s&60s employed by the CIA to bring Burroughs back to the corporate fold so that his drug experiments could be reviewed by RAND

to communicate to you
thru this kaleidoscope of chaosmosis
is the ever-whirling challenge that spins away
a reach attempting to hold a touch

challenge bucks again to ride out ambitions
from nought to one of everything, binary cowboy,
ten-galloned Tron zipping from Alabama to Zagreb

procedure p
      value p1     — p1 passed by value, p2 implicitly passed by reference.
         — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —
         — This block is at lexical level 3
         — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

binary shackles ONorOFF hold me in this prison
as I write through an hour of computer time
to monstrance my murdering of priests

of topics subliminally sublime
I've studied in depth &breadth
the length of my 99 years on earth,
I'm the oldest man to twitter,
an epic to boot

I'm a precocious five-year-old
with hobbies:
playing the Sex Pistols on the ukulele
& charting parallels between the internet
& ancient epics

between posts the truth is I’m a
sleepwalker & sleepeater
which results in sleeptwittering
all this strangeness
out of which I'm soon to

4) which brings us back to Burroughs & his drugs & insect infested rugs & Doctor Seuss buttplugs (all twisty & funny like) & his brains inspiring the internet

5) inspiring aspiring Esperantists to forsake English, Burroughs cut up sentences to explode nova like tickets express CIA agents eavesdropping

6) thus one celebrated crackpot theory makes its case amongst a plenitude as numerous as stars in sky & sands that Abraham named as his children

integer n
               — The declaration of a variable makes this a block, which will invoke some
               — stack building code. Normally you won't declare variables here, in which
               — case this would be a compound statement, not a block.

               ... <== sample stack is executing somewhere here.


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