the poetry that matters

Kevin Immanuel

Kevin Immanuel is a deconstruction Surrealist poet, writer, artist. Receiving his M.F.A. from the Dutch Art Institute ( NL ), Immanuel explores text and poetry co/relational to conceptual art practices. Immanuel has published in, 580 Split (2005), Filling Station (2005), Grain (2011), THE TEXT (2011), and most recently, has published a recontextual art proposal, ‘Rodin’, in the Paris/New York journal, Mobile Album International (2011).

Into the Thought We Sail


Aphrodite leans over and whispers in Athena’s ear; conceal; human, eminent and relenting; the reverse obtains itself: as this erodes the; cincturing, a pulse in the transient shroud (let within let) naked; ultra; ethic; insular; silence; seal. In the will of the flux; thought reifies itself; as the mass; as the curve; as the render; as the texture; filtering into the empty arch of the tranquil; a proto manufacture of a trance [ I collect thought ] wait; wait; wait; wait; wait; wait; wait; naked; wait; wait; wait; consumption having “indict”; semblance; quenching; vertebrae; configuration; lull; hover clear entries; [ I am electric ] moving into the visual; at; proceed to the edge; mobilize meta consciousness; however, it lifts the body; and from the cell ebbs a nation state; the deviance is being; and envelopes and protracts; earth on the utopia; inviting the information on the mind; onto the dissolving torso; because and embryo; automatic; identity; semi- automatic flower; visible nuance; in epileptic second; her guess on a summer afternoon by the pool; into a; and by; she flicks her hair at the rally; war girls; they agree to share fluid; oscillating; a supple and tense curve of the lower labium; institution inversion; she siphons the hologram; in the meaning of the passer by; invoke; she is a young female; in the moist contumacy; in the stream in a pause; exclaim slowly; likeness; dwell; fluffy clouds; producing replication cage memory lucid skin; a brightness; a pose; which releases pores definitively through the mind; bringing; they a mirror; allocate identity to the inside of; exhale the; a diminutive glance; perpetuates; and maneuvers; and transfixes thought with recall; move to another increment and retain; with recall; taste the conscious; inhale the theme; along the cryptic whale; propelling myth silhouette; sometimes trapped in reality; at; an unknown thing in a quiet upwards vision splashes on the other side of matter; relinquish matter; in them; between; listening to the periphery; listening to the perpetual; plastic dream rituals; spark; said and viable; in obscure patterns; insights; associations; adorn faces ease input; placid domes; in your retina; in your synapse; in your pulse; day corpses; thoughts seep into analysis; the leaf never finds the landscape; blur; you; toward; parallel; serene; generate; implied; possess; a; loop; gradual; levitation; in the full; in the yielding; in the reticence to the; gothic viewer intercepting; in the revelation of the beginning in everyone; play rewind play; discourse/image; switch to; discourse/image; switch to; discourse/ image; switch to; discourse/image; between speaks to the sepulcher; suspense; a remote kind; in the desire of; the bodies flourish; a quiet schema to further perception; an echo embedded in the covenant; impede the social to the; in tribal and other things; it transfuses the replica aesthetic to the descending appetite of the ritual lend and it varies and it seems to become a continuance of a demeanor in the flesh mist; in the ashes of Venice as the subtext; procure avid tide sexual; as epic; as torrent in torrent; whose democracy; on democracy; in infinite; in infinite; in in the; perhaps; via the modern subliminal; remind sinuous remind; the person is vertigo in the individual; ruins transpose the rise and fall of critique; the vision spreads in versions; of many; their eyes are fractal; where they landed; in front of a sea of; obliterations through the divine; colonizing thoughtscapes; it morphs the metaphor; the self categorizes the equation in the response to the self; the absent everywhere abide in the architectural impose; a liberty of convulsion; and the communal of universals; feel the torso grow; anarchy gestures on suntan lines; [ I parallel paradigms ]; like situated nations proceed; a paranoid thought trickles onto the floor; abiding the nice cream of the despair of uneven holes treading in the tangle of the wet glory of pre; diminish; an act of the exonerated; in the seventh minute; neither this nor something else can summon the motive against the present; sentient waves; sentient title; liquefy vision; how to breech the arch of thought; blank; incomprehensiveness; derive; countervail; a reconciliation of the gap.


With the Thought We Birth


they drove into the drone; mass digitally enhanced presence of the mass; in replica; in single mindedness; version electric amplified; distorting terrain tense; waves of altars; or perhaps to live; without thought for a brief period of time; however;[ pluralize I ]; lost in the sociological dreams of the eternal data; a depletion of the present in the past; the acumen of the page atmosphere; belief; the curve of the moment is between; not even cryogenics will deflect this; quiver; the placement of words; bodily notions in the arctic; she put her silk shirt over her immaculate chrome sky; a hyphen drench; a means; which give instance to the lacerations of the meadows percolating into the dead faint naked passengers; and their apparent relations to themselves; mute of the text; an unnoticed knowing object that to an appointed way gathers; inquiry of federations; illuminating modern particles; a site of definition; stranded; and invisible; an original state to flock to; a wall that is reversed; abhorring; there; at; antibiotics; figurine; flux; where is apt; the moisture gathers; the apparatus is ready; in the array of movements; in the subjective objective utopia clampdown; female lore; in the forest of suggest; defray/ peach/ wet/ peach/ pediment/ slope/ peach; the supersoul era; being; how to entertain; in the absurd; gradations of the real; instill; of fathom, in thoughtfulness; the subversive flows in; humans bathing in the distortion;[I record the shore] recording the prescient; the maze in the asylum is pristine; and yet; politic 1970 summer; the blaze of whispers in the cathedrals of Marxists; aluminum throat; moan; a skylarking Mao; pink; falling clear water on her exuberant face; tongue the immune; lingering  bright bound steel clinical to bare; infiltration; languid stare; in the cellophane trees; in the inhalation of the minute; toothpaste states; dripping over her; drenched universe; Miocene children; she pours the deluge; with hallucinations; a pulse in the transient shroud; as the mass; as the curve; as the render; burning monk; how’s your coffee; gel wet Ur; frenzy Bauhaus dolphins; phonic we’re left laugh saint surf flash [ I visualize I ]; culture enters her pituitary gland; why do you have faith in the object; [ I pluralize ] small athletic breasts; anonymity (heat) wanna; illustrious little bodies and dead little organisms; obsess the dead and their spray; of meek things; chicklet spirit liquid compartment; lettuce and deity in theory water; [I the volume children of I] inhale the along along the memorized; the core abducts lilies in you; sail in the spawn of lego universes; imageless landscapes; in hypnagogic play; plastic dream rituals; spark; said; insight; associations; adorn faces ease input; core dose optic ethic a lip on the branch; fluorescence; please hum cube I’m in neon ethic; or “topless” suburbia flower and girl “revolt” sunsets; let within let; lune; [ I stare into the corner ]; onomastics in script clouds; taste state delete onto their out stretched fictive necks; the audience phases into their sleepwalk; it covered the ear in a mud seal; culture lope, ya it’s o.k.; waves of altars; or perhaps waves of glass; transcendental eyelash; please ferment her skirt with tear gas; temple chlorophyll; the characters think the reverse paragraph; beak tourists have; turquoise spirit lunch; toke the aura; all the sentences lined up; she likes to print poetry on her body; replicate sds dawn; a revolutionary installation pill; the cream soda on her lips; drown six notes; acid Cleopatra; Antwerp 1676; stream resurrection; via the modern subliminal path; probe orchid, laconic pores, living blink; her t-shirt said the aforementioned; ear poem 1:11; sprinkle like a  contemporary; corral suicide sell; a maiden; also; lint; in bio lake; bio door; bio nsa; all the environmentalist chant.


For the Thought We Revolt


cyber question; refresh; (explore); dichotomy; demarcation of the nail; thin set soapy females; ohm sixth cute; press it, it will be glorious; “is that depth o.k.”; vacant ecosystem; Isis of the leap; a piece of paper on the ground; transude proximity cult state; mix cyber punk tits on the beach; catacomb candle; only if humans subscribe to; consciousness is a grid; auto eclipse go filter bubbles burn technology; the dominant has disintegrated it’s link to you; peace “pink”; bend subconscious; as per revolts; Antioch; implode on cue (nymph) information onto the edge of the sonic via namelessness; karma migs in atmospheric philosophy; it cuts through the subversive; into into into into their; into the representation; into the narthex of the flesh; spew naked; offspring; offspring; unpeople; today is continuous; carbonated reflections; carbonated emancipations; predifinitive preaura pretext premind; transcendental republick; fern and saint’s grasp; (technology drips in her open mouth); now is not now; mud, salt crystals, rocks, water; and the anachronistic; amber rhythm ripe information social shine precipitation; [Naked I am not here]; immaculate; it is your daffodil vatic; it is your spacesuit panties; thermal stealth order in thermal stealth day; how to govern the self; the portend planet; she walks in the rainbow zenith of the phoenix; unchanged; unfaded; unmarked; two three four conceptual; learned saliva tempo by the genre sky that wakes in the ancillary of the empirical cincturing; semi- automatic flower; c.d skip; purple; the verdant peace; fluid plastic suits; the sociological earth flail; humans will be recreated by in the light; mark on a shell; totalitarian eye glow; Le Corbusier on Easter Island; instructions in January; and the melody; radiant and beautiful voluptuous moss; June 17 1971; she has messy red hair; running shoes; hoop earrings; medium sculpted lips; she has very short brown hair; small soft breasts; blue jeans; full lips; small eyes; faint color sunglasses; she is a young blonde; pink pants; shirt with tropic scene; round cheeks; white tank top; medium size breasts; (militant state); several rings; medium build; stripped pants; light green eyes; thin upper torso; large thighs; studded white belt; chewing gum; thin necklace; styled hair; small blue eyes; thin green eyebrows; sliver nail polish; thin arms; listening to walkman; athletic small breasts; sticking out her tongue slightly; pink bracelet; baseball cap; bright pink lips; small nose; shoulder length brown hair; clear plastic shirt with yellow bikini; elastic national; the punk in strawberry fields; is culture necessary; whale/ photo/ garden/ unity in May 1968; soap; karma migs in atmospheric philosophy; the cream soda on her lips only; original; neurotic; transubstantiate; undulate; propaganda; how to find pleasure in a glass of water; the sexless laboratory and the eleventh power; the fourth day and second day trade places; enjoy; exciting; synthesis; only; redolent; please follow the line; conspiracy juice; ecological surveillance; [ I send myths between the politic ]; do you recall the flash; there is a protagonist in the first person who guides my thoughts; the subject dissolves into the object; the production of erotic discourses in the multinational; the theorist placed; rows of archoaks not divisible; chronological mist heal to heal; disperse/ human/ twirl; nectar; of, the, energy; the edible conscious full; sole internalize proto genesis; to variation totalitarian; less android “she smiles”; decussate truths on vitreous globes; idea flower; machine paradise ohm; to be human history; is gone; sponge; bracket soul; “all the way”; Atlantis; a casual great torrential essence; inlay hyper; exonerate; plus; a titanium bead rolls down her commune archetype; plant thought; humanizing apocalypses; altars cosmetic; “develop yesterday”; soft letters in political classification; transmit; orb; yeah sounds cool; lush fluids drip releasing bright visions; and the mind of light; tidal; elite basements; describe the edge of the self in the pretty martyr; platinum suggests over her skin; arcane spirits; this is a test; insert place; every phase of ; frantic lust; the liquid “gothic” nymph stated that it’s time for intellectuals to get into their spaceship[s; butterfly destruction democracy; CEO tentacle; it was an elongated entrance; mashed Eros forest; “tune in”; compassion in the millimeter; chemical drink goddess; insert itself into the horizon; bite her icon; virtual time cultivation illustrated in the quench of open legs; the voyeuristic and the hypnotized addressed each other; however, the blue and green Veda planet; an epidemic thought in the collective dream; “did you operate into their myth”.


By the Thought We Rise and Fall and Rise


eke; trans species in the sweet subconscious; into temporal umbrella; from beneath from the sides from the bottom; conventional love and convention weapons; since, versus, “ly” addition, schism, adipose; on Tzu; subdue the modern; self maim self; the counter system is in place; protection hallucination society imposes explanation definition society; cluster humans; say you discern; mind water; poke it until; convex thought; concave introduce; “they have no their”; from being suffocated; of ecstasy; it’s an alright hole; reply “ohm”; first dna; she “tuned”; whose out there; that which makes everything great; and you are a part of it; redial; objurgate; in the imagination of the development of the solemn of the transient aesthetic; new attraction; percentage of revolutionaries; everybody; replaces infinity in the crystal thought placed delicately on the illuminating; less the; pretend pool humankind; can you soar; virus daughter in the dilute public; oral proximity; ‘deforestizational’ temples; wow; hit; photogenic; smash the consume up; infra probe; (refresh); (explore); (dichotomy); have a nexus conversation; pleasure in a glass of water; mute; mute; command humanity; affix; fuse; bathe image; demarcation of the nail; autodidacts; 4 star movie; 3 minute miracle; easy living; Vanguard of the Avant Garde; visual tempt ocean avid pawn she; invalid; under the general title of “ subjectivity and truth”; the red night sun on the line of matrix females; in rediscovered reality; omnipotent glitter; variant grove; is; she gets elongated further; “gothic” girl ibm’s; opal; how do we know you’re not human; [ when I was human ]; her alias Is better; play rewind play; free molecules- beauty; a photograph of a refigured sound; the sentence envelopes; nomads of the unseen in the rain idea; fall fall fall fall fall to the surface; the doctrine is lush; ecclesiastical tangerine tranquillizer; clay state; in the electric pl. matter; atonement/ ponder leg/ as per revolts/ Euphrates; psychic bubble gum and implode on cue (nymph); beauty in the metaphor; the; however; unwritten oval; not alone in the mist a phoneme cum; mumble; whispers; splash; the articulation of the divide; why don’t you reach into the throat to find the deep grass in the body; in its real; form of a; to add that; is because is; flux to; the morality of the era is technological versus teleological; the silo over her and into her; lunatic delicious hello isn’t; dance in the arc; empires riding iguanas in the ear spirit; “as what is”; no one sees the shield in the social; variance piston skirt morph; “discount in aisle eleven”; telepathy invasion; sybaritic state; sensuous subtextual light; little visions through the hole; matter pose; circumvolution; piece; gown; peace; cosmic; drape of the dayless; werpfuxe subindividual butterfly resistance; blue ejection; she iced her; invert the process and process; the red waterfalls; the purple clouds; celebrate Dupont; deaf leaf metal; ate; nirvana; fun; cigarette; stereo; “proceed to the lower levels”; bless the tail of the irrational; the trace happened quickly and the body began to breathe; instituted models of self knowledge; essentially how to implant culture; liberate breakfast; her vessel; with video static appearance; im–poet_arc; each of the sentient corners of reality folded; visual self; astonish life; astonish mass; astonish waves; melodic; observe and observe; print desire; on; her; guess; are they ready; the probe and flower; it will still the subversive; whether/ tied/ panties/ saliva/; in the landscape of irrational; we have reached the subconscious; color field; details of the stem; essentially the control of people is necessary in a social democracy; is (the shallow water of subservient receivership) is; never newer I’m in I’ve to I’ll; we lift up our hearts- nitroglycerine.; the the; pod; is it illusion juice; they are too human; print broken skin oligarchies; last subversive, only- actual size; “a molecule extends from her mouth”; very first; very first; very first; psychedelic smerf; the last annihilation; the eloquent annihilation; atom rite neo loop demographic; into way lit into yet that part to in that in body at are with on self as feel by to with act their as will; upward hail distance culture in the blip; circumnavigate us from the will; replicate the ‘non’.


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                                                                                                               March 4, 2012