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Kenyatta Jean-Paul Garcia

Kenyatta Jean-Paul Garcia is the author of This Sentimental Education and Enter the After-Garde along with two other collections of poetry. He was raised in Brooklyn, NY and has a degree in Linguistics.  He has studied several living and dead languages in addition to philosophy and poetry at SUNY Albany and Hudson Valley Community College.  His work has appeared in BlazeVOX, Caliban Online, Ink, Sweat and Tears, Dagda, Outlaw Poetry Network and Ron Silliman's Blog.  He also writes for and edits kjpgarcia.wordpress.com and altpoetics.wordpress.com.   



this makes no sense

                which makes sense

                since sense is felt                             (used or maybe

                                not made                            utilized)

* * *

move over          -              stand under


* * *

less or less?

enough = more than none

                = less than all

* * *

“ugly . . . strike . . . imagination . . .

fluttering . . . dead . . . Hands . . .

host . . . tabernacle . . . openings . . . ”

(Francis Picabia)

* * *

one to the wall – one to the choir


                                face – another

                                above, beyond, over


                                before and attached

                                                to next sounds


etched – no response/no complaint

etched – complacent, resolved, asleep


* * *

same said to similar

                ‘well, that’s just too many


similar swallowed ‘likewise’

                and replied ‘almost’

* * *

that is not how that works

                                if that works


                                a              ‘with’


again, there are so many

                                points to miss

* * *

origins of lost steps

                                are missing

from route to unexplainable


mission agreed to/completed

                                left in exactitude

                                                of starting


* * *

pull up from root –


                the entirety        -

                                                change of soil

                                                                angle to sun


elements in water, altitude

                                will do some


not found over there.


take clipping for another growth.


let seed, spore, pollen come to be

                then                      collect

                                and dispense

* * *

fixed points have pull but

                are only a minority

                                among body of space


operating on selfsame

                                                intrinsic tears


from attempts to set more


                than could survive

* * *


* * *

don’t worry

there’s always

another point

to be missed.




LXX – Stephen Jonas Revisited

how hard it is

                to read such things

with this wage                   forfeiting

                desires                 no cash left

for ideas

                                that could change ex-


                                give hope a chance

+commune in miso broth

                w/ prayers attached to steam





Common Beginnings

A house divided

                in black and green


Of Italy

Of Spain


Of anger

Of resignation


Of passion

Of indifference


Of grey and brown eyes


Of red and black curls


Of definitions for love

                1) v. synonymous with being loyal

                2) n. synonymous with the emotional state of concern


Of (dis)comfort in proximity/routine

                                differing forms of fascism


Bedouin trails and Gypsy tears

                Caliphate control

                                over Sicily

                                and Andalusia


                                                                wine songs, ghazal


                broken by Latin Catholicism

                sent round the world to America

                                to forget common beginnings.



Having Been

Story’s life has been told

                albeit a bit dumbed down


drawing from embroidered bag

                of Li He


such guicai

                devilish talent

                can’t be explained

                even in explanations


even in tales of tales

                in metawriting’s

                dirge to bring parade

                to funeral

                                of beginning, middle, end.

* * *

Finishing finds its (k)night


                                to give more

                to the earlier

                                to give another

                to the only one

                                thus far had.

* * *

On ferries’ good-bye

                with cars



Manhattan fades into another island

* * *

Plans have mastery

                and also

                                go down on



Dominating selfsame submissive

                                circles collapse

                                                into ovals


Narratives gain reality

                                though tainted

                with the connectivity

                                of the wrap-up

* * *

Both first and last end in A

                and Omega

                has no place in the confines

of this time

                which writes its own song

                of songs                               gone wrong

                                                                - away

                                                                - waylaid


* * *

Wood can protect

                or swallow



Wood is made from Echo

                and Daphne



Wood is upon Apollo’s head

                in Orpheus’ arms

                                holding memories

                of Styx and salt

                                and broken


* * *

Barb-wire sickness



when left


* * *

“Work is its own cure.”                  (Marge Piercy)

* * *

Year of four seasons

                                that year

which underwent

                                quarterly changes


wrapping through backstreets



Seasons moved through

* * *



its content

* * *

Having been

did not


to be.






Persephone said,

“Psst, hey,

Let’s get out of here.”



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                                                                                                                   July 21, 2013