the poetry that matters

Kemeny Babineau

Kemeny Babineau's latest book is VDB Wordlist published by Bookthug. Prior to that
was The Incomplete Tree Guide. He also edits and publishes the esoteric
lit rag-mag The New Chief Tongue. He lives in Mt Pleasant with his wife
and two girls.


VDB Wordlist:


In 1634 Harmen Meyndertsz van den Bogaert traveled with two other Dutchmen into the Mohawk and Oneida territory of the Six Nations in upper New York State. He kept a journal and made an extensive wordlist. Iroquoian linguist Gunther Michelson has added an English and modern Mohawk translation. Using the technique of erasure I have attempted to create a tri-language collage of then, and now.








Maquase Spraeck


                   duffels laecken





dissels   messen   lennet


leepels   kettles   spyegels



ondach   utak





looking glass scissors


Elsen Yser awl








onera vagina dreck


de blaes   onsaha   de klooten



een ship and canoe



water   fire   oyente


broodt   beans   oneste



flour meat         satsori   slurp!








grooten honger,   augustuske


I get cold


                    ten duecht niet


   no good


satewa   doot   alone


doubly   sieck




I could die








in the sky


                    du lucht


                                       the sun


                   de sterren


Asistock                          sow!



a castle,   a waterway


Een Kill


               on the lake, lachen


we are chuckling





  VDB Wordlist

by Kemeny Babineau

BookThug, 2007

(click here to order)



A Short Reply to Wyndham Lewis

at the numinous
is where we gain it

and without
we are that

acting in pain, to force
like a ventral wall

click and snarl

labial spool

we can be made

to do to...



the wide throat dog

dangles off regret


in diminished angles

over patio pitter pat


deceit is on the rise

to each increase of blindly


meaning wars a shadow

cut out forest crepe


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