the poetry that matters

Julie Finch

Julie Finch lives in Houston, Texas. She attended the University of Texas at Austin, majored in communications, minored in English. Her work has been published by BlazeVox.


On seeing a Facebook post

There are the hands going for the throat
Invisible, soldiering, there
They say you have to go back far enough
to reclaim the hands, to hold them, caress them
Make them as comforting lands where once you played
Innocently, your head full of stars and mercy
Now with medications and elixirs you use them to soothe
The darkness that comes as each hand moves
To hold the day, to beckon the night
To release the darkness so as to take flight like a dove, 
Symbolic, on fire
The illness, though not a curse
Is part of the journey
No one can stand the scars
Least of all yourself
But who wears gloves anymore?


The Rorschach
"For beauty is nothing but the beginning of terror, which we still are just able to endure,
and we are so awed because it serenely disdains to annihilate us.
Every angel is terrifying."
- Rainer Maria Rilke
Moses parting the Red Sea
A man slinking away from a woman
Guilty of some unspeakable horror
Woman reposing on a sofa
Woman, all of her, everywhere---
A Jackson Pollock peek-a-boo bursting
From the sun
From the shades of vitriol
From a slow sucking beetle hard wired to the brain
Its focus stuttering and vacant
An early flower arcing upright to the sun
Three girls offering roses to the Virgin de Guadelupe.
All in all, the psychotherapist had said,
Something to the effect of Not Too Bad
Likening the results to the x-ray of a leg
Nothing was broken
Maybe just a sprain.
“A sprain?” you’d asked
“A pronounced sprain,” he’d been careful to add.
He’d lit a cigarette then
You had asked him for a smoke;
He seemed annoyed
You failed him in the Generosity Test.
Leaving his office, walking out into the brilliant Austin
Sun, you thought, What was his trade, anyway?
Trafficking in dense echoes and a desire
So encompassing it branded you a gimp
All of 21, you knew yourself to be more than that
You knew beauty when you saw it
And you had seen it plain.


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                                                                                                            October 19, 2013