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Jude Cowan

Jude Cowan is a writer, artist and composer and an archivist for Reuters Television. Born in Manchester she lives in SE London. Her first collection of poetry, For the Messengers was published by Donut Press in 2011. Her second, The Groodoyals of Terre Rouge will be published by Dark Windows Press in 2012. She makes musical and poetical improvisations on Reuters stories which are released on the Parisian netlabel Three Legs Duck.


Sevenling: Please …. Julie


Please …. Julie Oh my god he jumped off

the end of the craft. My rowboat is young.

Paddle the canoe to the fjord, in lace-ups.


Shone like a chapel with beeswax candles

In the alcoves. He had the church. The threats

Went down even worse. The graveyard winks.


No letters and saints could move a moccasin.




Sevenling: There was once a beautiful

There was once a beautiful woman. Her baby girl
lives in a box hanging from the house. Mother calls,
Play with your reflection. Too windy for mirrors.

Split stones, chipped sides. The flint must be brushed.

There it was, he had forgotten about, hidden under pebbles.

Triumph. Whistle and wave to rape furrows, undivorced.


Otherwise she would fly to him, right over the fields.



Sevenling: Purple and yellow small plums

Purple and yellow small plums, this year given up
paintbox harvest and purring fruits in a baseball cap.
Drive towards blue days. Needy from childhood.

Kissing your mouth like fairy wings. Old fags protrude.

White horses drag cleaners. Flies skate smooth skin.

Who’s going to wash your room into a salty tin?

I never caught a dragonfly mid air, too fine spun.



Sevenling is a form devised by Roddy Lumsden - you can read more about the form on The American Poetry Journal.


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