the poetry that matters

Joshua Grant

Joshua Grant lives in Vancouver, B.C. He graduated from Simon Fraser University with a BA in English. He is currently engaged in many writing projects, including a presentation on teaching North American poets' first books from the 21st century for an AWP conference in 2013. His poetry has appeared in Emerge, Ampersand, and Arsenic Lobster. He blogs at http://unstableplaces.wordpress.com/


smelt rat

airborne these senses                          
sniff the air when bitter             I           hold a small amount
                                                            I           dive in

a bitter jack right behind                     me       just companions
                                                 to be smelled              gasoline is/must be volatile

dogs are
dogs improve
                       airborne the sense of smell and yellow chips

chiquita bitter                   honey        I            from happiness know
smart enough to know things           smell       what you don’t

he sawed a cadaver     saw litmus                   turned nearly as blue

                                                            I           treated                         her
                                                        smell it                 oil                   an alligator
you talking honey
in order to trap small nylons               I

                                                           me                                            to
                        cutting                                                 throat                          


these combined fibres
impulses of images                              ead
                                    commerce with
                              ght I sight
I see                 meaningful whole knew Eve his wife   naked bespeckled in moon
                                                        infinitive with or                           veil of green
            t   oh                                                                I knew that
white of the eye                                                      instantly knew to
                                                                        admit light

to understand

to understand to                                      to have known

                                                                         resulting in double vision

to recognize a person’s face and be convinced
                                                to know things to know well   your blood

                                    to have that a man
                                    it come
that which admits me light
begins to bend   their eye       made him  to be omitted

to perceive
merging these fields                                        ur youth exa
might know
a                                              certainty

a clear vision in good light                                         


work together water                a solid such as earth
parts of the ear           
                                                            we’ll trace the path of a sound

you first need to understand just what sounds hearsay balloons into

this pressure
swells into vibrations which pull in particles from farther out

in Weimar Germany
the two actresses were said to have caught him in bed with men several times

working together a liquid such as water         a sultry half lisp
and                              a verse of classic doggerel. 
you understand one of the most remarkable things about this: 

                                                            the original source is said to be floating about
                                                            renowned in Hollywood for oral sex:            
it’s easy to move the air particles around
this creates a drop in pressure which pulls in the atmosphere
moves the air particles around it.  I heard
that he was caught in bed with men several times. 
In fact, the best
from its original source
all the way to your brain                                               a liquid such as water
he slept with pretty much every woman and man in Hollywood and he’d ask men to extinguish their cigarettes on his chest and in his ear

Imagine the whole thing is some kind of conspiracy –
it is possible that the more liberal environment pulls in particles even farther out. 
They work together

move the air particles around them collide
with the particles in front of them which collide
with the particles in front of them which collide
with the particles in front of them and           so         on. 

This is a cop’s idea of what people do

the autopsy splashed cold water on the rumour


and he she knows has got some guts
she had the guts
to show us

& in the splaying
she carves up an order of word salad

she holds this face up
                                    watery eyes &
                                    teeth of golden brown
are well documented

motherhood stitches liquids wire

she'd made her lover


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                                                                                                            September 29, 2012