the poetry that matters

Joseph Veronneau

Joseph Veronneau resides in Burlington, Vermont. He runs Scintillating Publications, which publishes chapbooks and the non-academic literary journal AGUA. His own works have appeared or will in such journals as Counterexample Poetics, Oarystis, Lost and Found Times and Offerta Speciale. His latest chapbook "Within The Grand Scheme" is out now from Propaganda Press.

School's Out
On a diet exclusively
to regain thin memories involved
fault line of dancing
falling off plans
tables shredding
legs exposed
to humble complainers
side road
lost on a dime
dust cloud
catching the lonely
light climbs down
an ivory tower now exhumed
all students free way in
immediate shouts of discontent
soon to be
Day Poem
Holding the key
exiting the house.
Bottle pops in neighboric faces.
Trail mix litter hands, a dog kept
his promise of pissing my yard.
Short talking mailman disintegrates.
I grabbed a handful of grass and ate
with the dog for an indigested day.
The Splintered Truth
Passing in sequined luxury
he cleared bi-focaled dust
magnificents reminding him of a tapping
toe that may or not have carried relevance
in a 60's loft. Parking lot,
where is the light
to find a flower when needed?
To a great friend, I never noticed
how long your linens were
until you passed. Accept
my fairest attempt to give you
my battered sight, accept these broken
glasses that have done me wrong,
and allow me to shift my gear
so we may find an Autumn or so to peruse

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