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José Hernández Díaz

José Hernández Díaz is a first-generation Chicano poet with a BA in English Literature from UC Berkeley. José has been published in The Best American Nonrequired Reading Anthology 2011, La Gente Newsmagazine of UCLA, Bombay Gin Literary Journal, The Packinghouse Review, Revista Contratiempo, Blood Lotus Journal, among others. He has forthcoming publications in HUIZACHE, The Progressive, and in the anthologies, El Norte que Viene and Tan cerca de EE.UU. (poesía mexicana en la frontera norte). In addition, he is an active moderator of the online group, Poets Responding to SB1070, where he has contributed more than 40 of his own poems. He is currently an MFA student at Antioch University Los Angeles and he is fulfilling an internship with Floricanto Press as an Editor.



The night is a clock chiming

          The days go by not I

-Guillaume Apollinaire.



The subway train is naked winter

rain upon the city lights of blue

and grey.           With fickle eyes

we watch            The rooftops paint

a void                                  of sky and

flame.      The pigeons swoon      to

grass and wind:        the mirror

   f      a      d      e      s;       a plume

in flight.

                    Newspaper seats.

Next exit clouds,

Next exit street.

                                      We stumble

on the canvas

                         night.     Rectangular


                             The city

roars itself to sleep.     Adieu.



In the western sun

Collapse     apple

Oil symmetry     en-

tering the         café

I     do     not have

A dime     To     eat

Write on the





Flames sky birds

Fly away another

Dawn another me-

mory   apple   oil

Symmetry   sun



L  L  A  P  S  E

   I N    T H E

   western   sun

            blue rose,


   holiday     rain,


Another dawn,

Another memory,


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                                                                                                              May 31, 2012