the poetry that matters

Jordan Scott

Jordan Scott lives in Mount Pleasant, Vancouver.  Jordan’s first book of poetry, Silt (New Star Books), was nominated for the Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize. In the fall of 2006, Jordan worked on the final sections of blert while acting as a writer in residence at the International Writers’ and Translators’ Centre in Rhodes, Greece.



If therapy is a must, wad cakehole Blister Rust. Laminate brank,

ingurgitate gospel: word languor = world rancour.






Mouth implies room; room mimics mouth.


In jugular then jujitsu, we ta-ta bazooka-woven nouns. Our

femur arrhythmia Slinky’s Hubba Bubba onto forcep grip; Blast

Off OshKoshB’Gosh in a choir of bing bang bong utensils on

linoleum floors. In the room, stucco gills staccato. In the room,

typo baboons on jowl. Our chinfest lustres muscovite, clangs

jaundice tint to voice: sing uu-uus, sing tuhuhtuhuh. Each

troglobite grovels lung; each trilobite whispers fossil.We upchuck

gush geoduck, until the want of teeth embezzles barbell Oreo in

gingivae bake. Until twixt fricative, Snicker clicks; untilHeimlich

word ore shucks each muscle kerfuffle in dactyl hubble bubble

as cactus pricks against quiet parts. It’s what wills and will

not, tongue uppercut palate Pop Rocks, our mime siphons out

the gas.


In aorta then aikido, we tsk-tsk missle-molted clitics. Our hip

arrthythmia Slinky’s ooh-la-la onto tweezer cinch; Kablooey

Lululemon in a belt-out pa-rum-pum-pum-pum of forks ’n’

spoons on cobblestone floors. In the crash pad, stucco lungs

staccato. In the crib, mistake numbnuts on muzzle. Our

clambake glitters igneous, roars tangerine hue to voice: sing nitnit,

sing kong’-tak-lak-lak. Each Ozark crawfish apple-polishes

bronchial; each anthropod insinuates eolith.We urp pa’ua until

the want of dentin embezzles dumbbell Oreo in gumbbq.Until

Caramilk sibilant, Snicker eject; until Heimlich word ore shucks

each tissue ballyhoo in spondee hubbly bubbly as burr low-blows

your mute meat. It’s that and that’s that, radix lucky punch Fizz

Wizz, our ventriloquy trawls out the crude.








Gate and glottal mount palate, drool the mollusc-husked haptic,

glob clavicles chiffon. Its bruised mantle clatters the scarab musk,

welts with, rill with, echoic aortas shunt long cyan divots



The pavilion is in the Coquitlam. The grass paces the wet of each

day. The photographs of the pavilion, mouth aperture: one boy

in the room, his gutturals click warm. The larynx is roomy. The

flash cards, megamouth:


marbles mandible

slow tonic

phlegm Pango Pango

green’s apples

tumble sea

mulch bumble

marble chunks

enamel smacks

tongue babble

Xerox bruise

onyx hues


Of my mouth and me. Of other people’s fluent mouths and me.

Of fluency and me. Of me and my mouth. Of me and other

people’s fluent mouths. Of me and fluency.My mouth and me.

Fluent words and me.Other people’s fluent mouths and me.Me

and my mouth. Me and fluent. Me and other people’s fluent




Excerpts from blert

cover for Blert


blert  (Toronto: Coach House Books, 2008)

jordan scott

Available from Coach House Books and Apollinaire's Bookshoppe

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