the poetry that matters

Joel Shea

Joel Shea was born in Victoria, B.C. and currently lives in London, UK. He is also a musician.

eight mobile phone poems from the British Museum
(written on a mobile phone's text editing software, their size kept to a one-screen maximum)


you'll cure her

of nothing


on a bible tour

with her son,

vibrating his lips like

a big bee


here's the husband!



there was a spot of water

beneath your pint glass

after you moved it


I watched

it evaporate

and thought of

what to say to you next



mouth splits

her head open




with her friend

and walking past



we've eaten so

let's use these calories,

make children



and time

will make children

our bodies, factories



it's fake

until you pass a law


it's fake

until a mirror

can take its picture



pour this time


full of meanings


found or stolen



the gods took

those bulls' blood,

those mountains of life


the family

got to eat the rest



conduits of

small talk

lead to the future



time machines

of common thought

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