the poetry that matters

J Michael Wahlgren 

J Michael Wahlgren has been published/will be published in Snow Monkey, Perspectives Magazine, Mississippi Crow, Cosmopsis Quarterly, elimae, iddie & Beauty/Truth. He plays guitar for his grey & white feline in Boston, Ma where he is the editor of silent actor, The Flask Review and Octaves Magazine. His first chapbook of poems entitled "Chariots of Flame" was released by Maverick Duck Press in December, 2007.



Is where the stars exist.

Not the location– here and now, per se

but in our consciousness.


How to spring into being?

They exist in planes,

like in mathematics– limits and multiplication

within a species– if you’re genes


play the piano, you too can.

If there is a sing along,

and they are omnipresent, wrapped presents

upon a carpet, red.

You too can– be, a constellation.


*Circle meets a Square


The bottle falls out

or is it the bottom?

Bottoms up–

A circle of coffee

where you once were–

I rip off, time and space

as Kant dictates.

What a lovely sense

of pleasure.


*Paul Eluard


The fair river is certain.

Are we in love?

In love, within space–

A written poem out loud–

to a professor.

A gaze upon her face.


Cucumber love refrigerates.


A beautiful color, sequential detail

with chance.

A picture show

she dances–

At best, oranges and olives–

which rush down the esophagus.


Cucumber love digests.




The telescope view

on a bar stool–

has come to be descant.

In a rhyme–

beyond all dances,


we rearrange the second chances.

Did you get one?

If not, now is your time.

Get up on the stage,

and rehearse your lines.




In translation,

words do not appear the same–

as if in a mirror.


Do they appear backwards?

The pupil

meets the lid.

The lid


meets shut-eye.


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