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Jimmy McInnes

Jimmy McInnes was born and raised on Ontario’s Bruce Peninsula, and received his B.A. in English and Creative Writing from York University. His poetry has appeared in This Magazine as a finalist for their annual Great Canadian Literary Hunt, as well as the anthology GULCH: An Assemblage of Poetry and Prose, available from Tightrope Books. He currently lives in Toronto, where he works in provincial politics.

from Isosceles Right

Building a shape as well building a new bildungsroman.


Building through the academy through the institution. Building to thought process such as writing process.


Building through heaps of paper applications. Whatever line you choose to break always think why over. Building the association could cultivate disappointment.


Building and needed to research the simple mathematical formula. This text acquires room to breathe. Beguiled by allusion she asks who is this T S Eliot woman. Building commentary not for the saying but for the thinking.


Building illiteracy in about any situation that involves numbers. Not just about tossing words on a piece of paper. Hitler he said is like Paris Hilton you love to hate him. If I hear the term rhyzomatic one more time. Building in these situations can be a political engagement.


Building and as if I think I’m ready for this shit. Literature should be boiled down like syrup or crack cocaine. He noted the juxtaposition of football and Prince’s halftime performance. I fear I may lose my cool demeanour. People do not understand our parliamentary democracy system. Building like some form of sexual intercourse.


Building through some sort of inaptitude some lack of fundamental understanding. Universalized language just another way of calling the working class stupid. Opened by wailing Words are transformative. It’s just a buzzword like proactive or mindshare. Fear of proportional representation is disappointing. Gender goes beyond a matter of plumbing. Building it as a form of sport.


Building though grasping photon levels and extremophiles. Don’t be afraid of sounding cold and distant. Never clarified the word profluence just used it as a crutch. Overuse makes you sound flaky. Birther movement seems motivated by race. Peru outlaws food described as aphrodisiacs from their prison system. Steroids have changed the way we trust our baseball players. Building whatever metaphor used it’s all just white western canon.


Building despite my highschool biology textbook quoting Genesis. Work sounds smarter in the third person. Ironically she misspelled collage college. This North American obsession with yoga. Can never bring myself to vote strategically. Surgical replacement of the hymen is gaining a lot of popularity. It is interesting that the national sport of India is field hockey. Heard good things but the idea of haggis still makes me uneasy. Building you have to enter with a certain amount of faith.


Building but try to never use that as defence. Few people get away with a lower case i. Said dualism meaning dichotomy. Your constant emphasis on individualism just sounds like supplierside economics. Many claim to understand Foreign policy. Ayatollah Khomeini declared goatbuggering no basis for divorce. America will never truly embrace soccer. Told me Toronto was great till all those other races moved in there. Judaism more tolerated by medieval Muslim rulers than Christian equivalents. Building then to bear with grammatical mistakes.


Building though perhaps I would be a better socialist in teachers college. Read more newspapers than novels. Described the canine thought process to prove his point. Stop using postmodernism as an excuse to be a jackass. Swept up in Obamamania. After the rape accusation threw him a dance party to lift spirits. Forced a lopsided fight on the opposing netminder. Despite stereotypes I see myself as an adequate dancer. Horus was crucified and rose three days later. Semicolons go overused when misunderstood but underused when overunderstood. Building though it bring you to the brink of annihilation.


Building as highschool teachers helped forge up selfconfidence. Big words only get you so far. After the definition of satire she rejoiced Oh like the Simpsons. There’s a difference between avant garde and underwrought. In Europe socialism is not a dirty word. Nineteenth century prostitutes tattooed thighs with slogans encouraging public service. Height and uncoordinated hands kept me from loving basketball. I try to portray enough white guilt everyday. The dharmic emphasis on reproduction left artificial insemination practically untaboo. Quotation mark belongs on the other side. Climate change shrunk wetlands. Building through your body.


Building yet still never taught to write a proper essay until college. Closure is for doorways and Dickens. He prefaced his graduate school plans by bitching about academic institutionalization. Frankly we find you boring and regressive. If you’re like me you still blame everything on NAFTA. Really more an assman. Heading the Olympic exploratory committees for autoracing and chess. They almost always refuse to acknowledge their greatgrandparents as immigrants. Joseph Smith died via mob. Feel free to laugh at the term dangling modifier. Given hype twenty twelve will prove a surprisingly mundane year. Shoesize fluctuates between nine and ten depending on the shoes. Building you just sit and ingest it.


Building a range in Literature that I couldn’t find in other subjects. Nothing wrong with a little specialization. His mathematical reading of Klein’s Montreal as alluding to Expo sixty seven would have been a lot more impressive had the poem not been published in forty eight. Your pubic beard adds no legitimacy to your argument. Harper claimed to not watch Canadian news. Dolphins too breed for pleasure. Seems I lost my Messier rookie card. Perhaps this zombie and vampire thing is just harmless nostalgia. Then started going to court over etiological myths. Even professors call parentheses brackets sometimes. An island of plastic the size of Texas roaming the Pacific. Pants bald calves. Chicken can be sort of overrated. Building no comment is not always a crime.


Building so the love of reading became also an intellectual pursuit. Begin word level and grow sentence. Her blanket term for disrupted syntax was streamofconciseness. Stop referring pejoratively to the system if your aspirations would be meaningless if not for the system. Florida two thousand a definite wake up call. Whatever happened to the pill for men. His highschool had only a women’s rugby team. Kevin Smith’s work is at best amusing. The Muslim tradition names thousands of prophets. A long dash is so controversial that it’s sexy. First they panicked about swine flu vaccine safety and then they panicked about swine flu vaccine shortage. Neck hair is a constant annoyance. Onions add just the right spark. The officer misspelled the name on the drinking ticket. Building may be what gets you out of bed in the morning.


Building trying to find the poetic connection to the material. Emotional affect just one thing language can do. Said she couldn’t sleep because nightmares complete her. If I hear the term sheeple one more time. Reconciliation as throat stuffing as turkey stuffing. That sperm a destiny that womb a time capsule. Stretched all the way to April now that’s what I call March Madness. Wary of any organization with heritage in the title. Then organized its mythology as an essentially Shinto nation. To hyphenate or not to hyphenate that is the punctuation. Brought down through the subprime mortgage scam. This scab has been here for a year and gone wart through picking. Ketchup is not as versatile as one may think of ketchup to be versatile. Is sodomy still illegal and where. Eight cups of coffee percolating and internet streaming. Building if one has a rowdy commute waiting for them.


Building all the while attempting to avoid being called a vulgar Marxist. Beware getting yet again lost in your thesaurus. He made the mistake of asking her if she liked Rumi which she took as slightly racist. Annoyed grunts are more than audible. Membership card came in the mail unlaminated. The fear of pregnancy kept her from really experiencing orgasm. This referee seems to have missed two periods. France is romanticized despite current riots and systematic ghettoization. He then declared himself the brother of Jesus. Where is the subject and predicate. The company decided to patent that particular strain of seed. His brother continued to grow within him. Would be perfectly happy to eat pizza everyday. Held without trial. Just a couple of apples and a banana this morning to keep me from jittering. Grounded till the volcanic ash subsided. Building with people constantly gabbing personal and loudly on cellular phones.


Building a personal bias is so hard to hide. With every process comes the possibility of failure. Framed every remark around his recent publishing history. Of course gay marriage isn’t for everyone dicklicker it’s for gay people. Said we are all Arizonans now. Premium lubricant inside and out for a more natural feel. They are playing some tenacious D tonight. The term arctic monkey brought us into a fit of laughter. The riots escalated after monks refused the government’s alms. They call that technique the internet runon sentence complete with ell oh ell. Later accepted government estimates of a leak of at least five thousand barrels a day. His birthmark closely resembles the island of Madagascar. Easier to just make the eggs scrambled. I developed a foolproof system for stealing vodka. Two pillows are sufficient. The auto insurance became the real cost. While the sound may be a little tinnier this one takes much better pictures. Building amused or buried under others invective.


Building a conscience keeps me from giving the other side a proper voice. Even the most intentionally damaged text is frequently drafted. Tobacco which she gives a shout out on page eight. You are a social science student not an anarchist. Campaigned on fairness and transparency. That’s why they call it doggie style. The final game played as a metaphor for the entire series. Awarded Eminem with his fourth Grammy for rap album of the year. Between sixty four percent and sixty five percent of Japanese describe themselves as atheists agnostics or non believers. I before E except after. Blamed it on the fluoride in the water supply. Decided instead to get that Lamborghini tattoo. Forced to eat steak with a spork. The attempted murder suicide was a violation of his parole. Unconsciously turned off my alarm clock. Bike lanes emerged as the major election issue. Instant messaging leaves me exhausted. Every time I read Pride and Prejudice I want to dig her up and hit her over the skull with her own shinbone. Building music to and against the ears.


Building my time mucking in partisan hackery. They are pieces of language so let some wires show a bit. Said Herbert’s scales don’t need to be fancy. So lose the break it down from the inside mentality or get off the pot. His main policy concern was the long gun registry. Suspicious looking batons carved from bone and wood found at some Paleolithic sites would have made excellent dildos. Pitched a no hitter till the ninth. Stone Mountain’s first non white mayor. The day when ghosts are free to roam the street. Life is too short for abbreviations. It’s pronounced nu clear nu clear. His gassy chest pain. They call it the Irish car bomb. Left it overnight in the church parking lot. Dreamed again about my father last night. Decided to just walk the two blocks to the convenience store instead of just driving. Hello this is caller’s name on behalf of organization’s name. If it were thought that anything I wrote was influenced by Robert Frost I would take that particular work and flush it down the toilet. Refused to respect anything written in fourfour time. Building the thin line between birdsong and bullshit.


Building at times I am completely contradicting myself. Subject and concept will often differ. He was quoted as saying that you get into the genius range beyond one fifty like Einstein or one eighty like DaVinci Wayne Gretzky and The Beatles. Nihilism is overall quite tacky. Clegg pledged the biggest shakeup of British democracy in one hundred and seventy eight years. Several gods have been represented as penises. Their bats are called wickets. Increasing border security. The family of the deceased is considered to be polluted for a period of time after. Is that in MLA or APA or Chicago. Don’t drop that Black Death shit here I don’t even wanna hear that shit. Something growing in her dreadlock. Prepeeled garlic for quicker chopping. A pyramid scheme. A little salt in the wash will get that right off your covers. Tonight’s inflight film will be Con Air. Two cans and a wire. As to Hemingway I read him for the first time in the early forties something about bells balls and bulls and loathed it. The Billboard’s top ten hits of eighteen thirteen. The most yolks ever found in a single chicken’s egg was nine. Building is the difference between stout and lager.


Building like a Fox News correspondent juxtaposed with that same Fox News correspondent four years ago. The poem cannot often escape its own form as theme. If you destroy the environment it’s like seeing your mom naked went the anecdote. So man or woman up and take a side. Said the redistribution of wealth in a pejorative tone. One bottom activity that appears to be an urban myth is animal stuffing. Signed a contract that would keep him in New York for the remainder of his career barring waivers. The opening of faith based clinics in the third world. Hutterites challenge post nine eleven security rules. It can no longer be said that ain’t is not a word. Yellowstone a sleeping volcano. Excess phlegm was becoming a workplace problem. In a large bowl combine the ground beef grated onion salt marjoram pepper. Texting while driving. Recommend eight to six hours a night. Driving while texting. Concerning no subject would he be deterred by the minor accident of complete ignorance from penning a definitive opinion. Hailed as the new Bob Dylan. Pigeon speeds of one hundred miles per hour. Beer industry now plays an important role in the Canadian identity. Building if I wanted water I would have asked for water.


Building on the opposite end of the spectrum and I would like to think reasonable. The emphasis becomes how the work becomes. So how do you use an adjective again. Or risk completely boring me. Keeping the masses in misery and always trampling on their nationalism. Couples prohibited from sex while standing in commercial walk in meat freezers. Organized and competitive physical activity requiring commitment and fair play. Post graduation European backpacking trips. View of the cosmos is that universes arise and pass away in endless succession. Ever goes immediately before the main verb. To a new global deal that enacts real reduction to emissions in line with science based targets. If her pants made her butt look big. Mix well. But the acts that are forbidden are not wholly consistent between different criminal codes. Still using a comforter into late May. Good condition includes jib mast float trapeze harness and trailer. Presumably if you cannot be persuaded to read anything better Rowling will have to do. You can’t start a fire you can’t start a fire without a spark. The leaking fuel smells like vulture’s food. Hot water tank to malt to mash tun. Condensed water vapour falls to the Earth’s surface. Building new language measured by units of slogan.


Building in my inside voice. More than merely the skeleton on which a text is projected but an exoskeleton in which a text must be formed. Sexual behaviour increases the chance of gaining access to food heard out of context. With talk of whatever new Coupland novel. A retirement ceremony to salute a bank economist who managed to push forward a determined public policy agenda. Two small holes are made in the scrotum. High possibility he will set a new world record next year. Camping away the pressures and troubles of the urban lifestyle. There were men who followed what is called the Way that is not the way. Likewise a predicate has at its centre a simple predicate. Chops down area of forest the size of Nebraska. Pardon my melanin. Divide meat into six portions. The officer entered unannounced to warn of the prowler. The purposes and mechanisms of sleep are only partially clear. An urban Hummer. His work is evil and he is one of those unhappy beings of whom one can say that it would be better had he never been born. Rhythm and its associated concepts tempo meter and articulation. In this way the bird helps engineers detect broken fuel pipes. With hops to copper hopback to chiller. Occurs as rain but also includes snow hail fog drip graupel and sleet. I feel like chicken tonight. Building clichés all rooted like roses.


Building my civil arguments. The author must learn to heal those self inflicted wounds. Asked if sixty eight point six would be rounded up to a B. If I hear the term Pomo one more time. Curfew lifted as residents count cost of offensive to end red shirt protests. Like the penis the vagina also has to be worshiped. Admitted to systematic use of performance enhancing drugs and accused seven time Tour de France champion. Playing frisbee related sports. Many foreign missionaries were appalled by the caste system. To indicate possession end a singular noun with an apostrophe followed by an S. One last toast to Hale Bopp. Clip toenails and fingernails. Shape into oval patties about three quarters of an inch thick. Beyond the streetcar lane a jaywalker. A naturally recurring state of suspended sensory and motor activity. Clogged expressway. Blogosphere. A hack writer who would not have been considered fourth rate in Europe who tricked out a few of the old proven sure fire literary skeletons with sufficient local colour to intrigue the superficial and the lazy. Pitch which governs melody and harmony. Poisoned by the feathers of the hooded pitohui. Add yeast to fermenter then bottle cask or keg. The runoff produced by melting snow. Refreshes the parts other beers cannot reach. An apple blossom never falls far from the apple blossom. Building deep within the cranium.


Building because alas I am no longer a child. And manipulate meaning within their own parameters. Said it’s weird how you can breathe in water and then when you’re born you can’t it’s like we are amphibian or something. How about you do a Freudian analysis on your own damn problems. The oligarchical structure of the building suffocates the basic democratic principle. Apart from brown showers and golden showers there are also Roman showers. Involves the movement of people animals or a variety of objects such as balls and machines. Having ridiculously large music collections. Marx called it the opium of the masses. That and which refer to groups or things. Suburban sprawl. Trim or wax bikini line. Broil steaks three inches from heat for three to four minutes. Serial polygamist. The inactivity of nearly all voluntary muscles. We call them snowmobiles because we invented them. To her children from across the playground. An enthusiasm for Poe is the mark of a decidedly primitive stage of reflection. Dynamics and the sonic qualities of timbre and texture. Body temperature usually seven to eight degrees hotter. The longer the hops are boiled the more bitterness they contribute. Transformation of water from liquid to gas. It’s everywhere you want to be. As orchid as the orchid we stand on. Centre of the nervous system in all vertebrate and most invertebrate animals. Building received as if by a condition of social osmosis.


Building although I of course often feel like one. The author is forced to pick and choose what items can and cannot fit within said house. Asked him Where are the pro American texts meaning pro Free Market texts. Stop interrupting my smoke break. Forced out during the primaries. State funded prostitutes for the physically handicapped. Pregame tailgate party. Birthright for the sake of vacation. Made his case by presenting the number of times Jerusalem is mentioned in the Torah. Because he says it gets funky when you got a subject and a predicate. Last night Earth had a close call when. Turns out I have been wearing the wrong bra size. Turn and broil other side of steak for about four minutes. Declared the proceedings a kangaroo court. Observed in all mammals all birds and many reptiles amphibians and fish. Just load your shit in the back here. Sale on ringtones. I cannot remember a single good page or idea. Although the lines and relationships between genres are often subtle open to individual interpretation and occasionally controversial. Undertake long distance annual migrations south. Suspended in the wort settles during fermentation. Describes the processes that drive the movement of water throughout the hydrosphere. A little dab’ll do ya. Poppy is thicker than daisy. Controls the other organ systems of the body by activating muscles or causing secretion of chemicals such as hormones. The movement of water molecules across. Building what’s chic this season.


Building which is an essential part of growing up I hear. Based on more than desired effect but effect of language itself. Attempted to ease the news of potential layoffs with Coronation Street showtimes. What is the point of earning a Psychology degree if one just goes batshit crazy in the process. Harper referred to Canada as a quote failed welfare state. Symptoms include a burning sensation while urinating and the growth of painful crusty blisters. Good forechecking. Sadly preferring bottled water. A transfiguration. Strictly speaking the word like is a preposition not a conjunction. Return of the lizard people. Tweeze unsightly hairs. Or until done as desired. Cigarettes from a trunk. Rapid Eye Movement. Awoke to a flat bicycle tire. This is not a fundraising call. Swift has a higher reputation than he deserves. The Ancient Greeks and Indians defined it as tones ordered horizontally as melodies and vertically as harmonies. Cher Ami became the first American pigeon to win the Distinguished Service Cross. To convert the starch source into a sugary liquid called wort. However much more water is in storage for long periods of time than is actually moving through the cycle. If you want to get ahead get a hat. The foxgloves on the other foot now. Each cubic millimeter of cerebral cortex contains roughly one billion synapses. A partially permeable membrane down a water potential gradient. Continually changing fashions of the West have been generally unparalleled. Building other such deep philosophical questions.


Building but yes I was discussing my personal growth. Works from outsidein in much the same way an elementary school science project does. The grocery store became a cash advance centre. What is it about heels that makes women forget thousands of years of male oppression. But in China the predominantly peasant character and leadership of the revolution was undisguised. Herpes is that gift I could never give you. One hundred and ten million from winnings and endorsements. Soy everything. Messenger of God over military leader. Following a form of however you almost always need a comma. Spewed out magma sorry lava. First instance of constipation. Prepare gravy mix as package directs. Bootlegged DVDs strewn about on a blanket. Non Rapid Eye Movement. Referred to as fruitbooters. We are calling donors to ask for their opinion on some issues that affect Name of Organization and our donor’s. I can’t read ten pages of Steinbeck without throwing up. Point to the notion that it is often ordered and pleasant to listen to. Called the robin’s breast orange. Into the alcoholic beverage known as beer in the fermentation process effected by yeast. During colder climatic periods more ice caps and glaciers form. Ask the man who owns one. Black irises are black everywhere. These neurons communicate with one another by means of. To a region of low water concentration. Other designers cater to specialty stores. Study of general and fundamental problems concerning matters such as existence knowledge values reason mind and language. Building begins to sound like the mumblings of young drunks


about Isosceles Right

Isosceles Right, uses a set of numerical procedures derived from the geometric shape of the right isosceles triangle to explore the conventions of the bildungsroman genre.

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                                                                                                                          April 29, 2011