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Jill Jones

Jill Jones is an Australian poet who has published six full-length books of poetry including Dark Bright Doors, 2010; Broken/Open, 2005; Screens Jets Heaven: New and Selected Poems, 2002; The Book of Possibilities, 1997; Flagging Down Time, 1993; and The Mask and the Jagged Star, 1992. She has also published a number of chapbooks including Senses Working Out, Vagabond Press, 2012, and Struggle and Radiance: Ten Commentaries, Wild Honey Press, Eire, 2004. A new full-length book, Ash Is Here, So Are Stars, is due in later 2012. Her major awards include the Kenneth Slessor Poetry Prize, 2003, for Screens Jets Heaven, and the Mary Gilmore Award, 1993, for The Mask and the Jagged Star. Her books have also been shortlisted in the Kenneth Slessor Poetry Prize (twice), The Age Book of the Year Award, the Adelaide Festival Literary Awards and the National Book Council ‘Banjo’ Award.

She has collaborated with photographer Annette Willis and other visual and sound artists on a number of multi-media projects, which have been presented at various festivals and events. Her poems have been translated into Chinese, Dutch, French, Italian, Czech and Spanish. She is a member of the J. M. Coetzee Centre for Creative Practice at the University of Adelaide.

Rain Passages

Account beyond book     Basin valley of trees

Cordial welcome sky

Downwards in flood kneeling     Feather passages of rain

Ground warm welcome     Hands translate

Line of air

Mechanism deep weighed     Produce good coming with

Stations close luminous

Welcome to sky this damage




End To Begin

Barefeet the sad one     Deaf secret

Facts ordinary-sung     Gestured silver bells

Isolated by history     Localised by story

Programs of rest     Remainders gutter our monumentals

Song naved retreat    Tattooed the past era

When whosoever with will




Abandon Villas

your instinct backfires

your donkey walks beside gaudy stooges

you can’t remember any longer

but you may disrupt sissy soufflés

the ship is without crew or coxswain

grab decks, pigeons, something handy

below this remembering

the plane of loins, the doodahs

the tenor lifts sorrows, siphons the dope

screws the dandy to his sonnet

and crows

no point in rambling, move below




Haste Down Then Done

wind pigeons home boxes

word pegs dummy time

shut targets gust zone

hard legs lime hearts

play tastes word ground

wing casts lest trouble

sleep traps tongued touch

turn easy lie hard

look fresh doll's wish

fling crimp small straps

sky pinch grey town

let soil after all

foot slips strife whet

keen runs thrown down

show turns haste home

need held then done


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                                                                                                             April 30, 2012