the poetry that matters

Jilian Koopman

Jillian Koopman lives in Atlanta, Georgia and teaches Composition at ITT Technical Institute. She recently graduated from The Florida State University with an MFA in Creative Writing. A short story was published in Crows Nest Magazine and she was a finalist in Glimmer Train's 2010 Best New Short Story Contest.

Walking Home From Tony Luke's

stay in front of everyone
or stay behind
look at your posture in the car windows
it is so like the would-be-queen
suck on the license plate
teething on numbers
a woman was stabbed
multiple times and died
in the snack aisle.
they watched her "sell her body"
every night.
a gazebo worth lots of money
just taking up space
a young realtor named Jewell
who probably has frizzy hair
you hear your family laughing
it is a survival tactic
walking with your head down
so that you can find your name
there is a sidewalk that tells your name
perfectly until the edges
and then it stops



Greed On A Spoon

there is so much hatred in the world
i blame the sun
and its shallow sense of glory
i like to blame the hollow wind
for anything else
i find the shortage of numbers in a world
that cannot find death without them
is literally a way of speaking
saying things without saying their names
believing what you do not see has any power
or that together we are more than one


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                                                                                                                                              May 8, 2011