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j/j hastain

j/j hastain is currently living and writing in Colorado, USA. j/j is the author of the full-length book asymptotic lover // thermodynamic vents (BlazeVox 2008) and six chapbooks. j/j’s writing has appeared in numerous journals including MiPoesias, and the hotmetalpress Poetry prize of 2008.

j/j received a BA in poetry, music, gender and cultural studies, and an MFA in contemporary poetics.



maybe this story moves backwards or tri-wards   and begins

with admittance




‘I am a continually recovering black hole    a dimensionless space        

slowly being filled




with myriad-mechanics’






damages have been done to the body

of every black hole




and as it recalls itself






it experiences a ribbonry of needs











this is a body that has no choice but to fleshenize




identity is/as semi-vowel              












identity as               a whirring hearth












documents     just like this body               must be infinite       

ripe with astronomical



grafting and rogue wombs


sweating and residues



along a vibrating umbra












this is viscosity admitting itself as an effort         




noting each essential capillary in the rift











the vertiginous ecstasies of an inter-planar rigor


such as                                                such as






phylogeny and pressure




all for an eventual dignity              or passage    




through inter-stellar phonic nets











emollient as they bend


then more emollient            as they breed











all of the wildness


of the unformed enclave











this is            discovering how to make light submit       



then choosing to consume that submitted light





as the primary













because a black hole that is ever being modified




is a sonar recluse    






a stalwart mystic that divulges












there is no answer












and in its place



rubato is being rubbed into






elements entangled


with a vector


or a memory






and the certain froth that bursts from this



helix demanding helix












as with a thermal equilibrium                  


or a city made entirely of






cosmic yearning






this is the only way to explain what was meant when I said



flailing a hybrid poultice      in lip arenas”












this image of supernumerary doves


exploding from what was originally procured








as one tight piece of citrus fruit





on a single tree



atop of the singed ventriloquist hill












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