the poetry that matters

Jess Nash

Jess Nash is originally from Essex in the UK, but currently lives in Ohio. She has a BA in Creative Writing from Middlesex University, London, and is studying for an MA in English Literature in Ohio. Jess has had several book reviews published in GUDMagazine as well as music reviews in Panic Magazine, a local music magazine for Essex, UK.

Icicle Wolves

icicle wolves

teeth snarl
fur beast shiver
a wicked break

Seven whiskeys after the gig

Through a koniscope
she’d be dust and air,
germs and pollen,
I think we’d measure up quite nice,

                                                    have you heard of the muse yet?
                                                  She knows expressions of fistic art,
                                                    fisticuffs is not an abstract term.

Afeard of the ear worm,
Or brain maggots
who tell her to run.
I’d like to violate

 her, she wants to penetrate
                        all animal instincts and twist
                                    all the life out,
                                                 creative thoughts are sledge

through a downpipe,

they hit the drain
and flow

to sewer muck, mixing
with fevered dreams of choking
her with a mask


      So after this I’m at home and all these dolls are around me and a purple bear wrapped up
      and dressed in the cot

I have a baby, and it’s amazing
     and I can not explain how happy I am,
     and it’s such a good baby and it never cries. I take it out in the pram and I’m painting its
     room yellow whilst its downstairs (cos’ I don’t want the paint fumes to harm it) and

I thought I was eaten by a giant spider

     I have tins full of baby food in the bins and clean nappies

     and I wasn’t miserable

 I sing it to sleep every night and it’s a really good baby

     and life is wonderful

what did the doctor say?

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