the poetry that matters

J. D. Nelson

J. D. Nelson (b. 1971) experiments with words and sound in his subterranean laboratory. His bizarre poems and experimental texts have appeared in many small press and underground publications, including Zygote in my Coffee, Otoliths, Starfish Poetry, Cherry Bleeds, Word Riot, Lit Chaos and The Dream People. Spiders in my Beard, his collection of 25 poems is included in the second volume of The Virtual Chemists series. (http://www.lulu.com/content/818354) Visit http://www.MadVerse.com for more information and links to his published work. Since 1990, Nelson's audio recordings, interviews, poetry readings, live performances and culture hacking experiments have been broadcast on several radio stations in the United States. Recently, his audio experiments were included as part of the 101-hour Dada and Surrealism Festival broadcast by KBOO radio in Portland, Oregon. (http://kboo.fm/dada) His audio experiments (recorded under the name OWL BRAIN ATLAS) are online at http://www.OwlNoise.com. OWL NOISE 0, his album of experimental spoken word is available as a free download at http://www.mediafire.com/owlnoise. J. D. lives two blocks south of the 40th parallel north in Colorado, USA.

tuck'd OTTAWA


half &

whale (insig. orb

ital v)


vurch of Presid.




inst. of twentied finn






go home rooking with a fat pen


under these sheets, please

coupon dreams

salad caves


there was an explosion of light at the end of my tongue


I see steel bldgs every day & it's no big deal


a cloak sans the ocho

& a mouth full of amsterdam





Arvada Noun


1st in 3 wks


organ of pipper

stomp the rice


shore is wexed

sewer brain bringing


also the magnet for surf

droughtline aerospore


year one face

apples rippling





ochre wood why


USA: Cap'n Memphis is blissing out on doom cramps


chips of this size

right on, Broken Ted


a cramped hand

bury it


his Alps,

diet beans of Pepsi







tusk it come down tuh wheems

tusk gelatin


tweed twine two


I'll show up in your dream

wearing my scaleskin suit

I'll offer the sideways handshake


pupae nebulae sundae


Clumsy Ernie bit the number one

New Jersey Advent cookie in half

for no good reason





01:45 - 01:50


01:45 USA : i am the owl

01:46 TOKYO : hello!

01:46 TOKYO: thank you

01:47 TOKYO:  Are you American Bender?

01:47 USA : there is no such thing as America

01:47 TOKYO: Where?

01:48 USA : 3,000 underground pyramids on Mars and no taxes

01:48 TOKYO: lol

01:49 USA : My sphinx mask is too tight

01:50 TOKYO: made by gold?

01:50 USA : frog salsafari





Triassic Osiris Zen Flex


"Little" Ed Little ordered the "sunwich" with extra sprouts

at the 70s style health food restaurant.


"Little" Ed Little is a cool haiku student.


"Little" Ed Little is a System 3 non-humanoid passenger.


(no itinerary logged)



see yourself automatically


general lee ice woke

mae bee pre

tending to kneads to nough


shire cheese of deletion


we gump you guggy

gilled gorilla goes


today at the top of

the lincoln pyramid

I pied the rats with yolk


hate stop sign





wise rent tvchef d


elle sponge feast louse, said lois

                not lane but motley

seen shopping for grapes

                shaking machine

                black hair



did you say


I said



I've seen you near the big interpreter tree

you needle ugly english

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