the poetry that matters

JC Bouchard

JC Bouchard is a writer of poetry and fiction residing in Sudbury, Ontario. His works have been featured or are forthcoming in magazines such as What If?, Haggard and Halloos, Breadcrumb Scabs, Thieves Jargon, and Right Hand Pointing. He has self-published one book of poetry, what remembering says not to, and is completing his first novel, buses.


don't take your hands for feathers (diaphragm
swelled breath to open space) that'll make you
thin on canvas straight that artists make from
heaven's cold coffee breaks & designated trays
please man & woman what they say for what
doesn't stop embarrassed in all your favorite
novels you'd never could 



old women sycophants dying wide mouth
perm press stations walled & turned on
curtains over eyes undressing hair-less
men over the counter sent stamped &
postage paid for semi-autobiographical
plates carving hearts traceable scars
that your hand at the corner waved i
think so far i've got your curled lips
resounding it



is it me who can so warmly those who
touch me away & so lovely aired simply
bad joke about prom green sweatshirts
as if hurting ends with off turned lights
& tonight be slightly more please tell me

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