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James Victor Yeary

James Victor Yeary was born in Vancouver, BC, and reared outside Boise, Idaho. He studied anthropology and sculpture at the University of Idaho. Yeary performs regularly as Jimmy Victory, in Portland, OR, where he is editor of the literary review Cloudrag. His book "Goliath Was My Friend," is forthcoming from Earwater Press, and "Apyos: 10-1" is forthcoming from Mom Windmill.

Apyos: The Middle Decades


Not like a narrative line

but a two-dmnsnl cone,

folded around itself to make

a third


I cld think of   16.  as an origami of portraiture


or a return to a geography of personality


Take the Kesey bus further


The funny folds of the mountain

       16. A face

               Hands:faces folded


A-SURFACE         16. Think of the fold

,of dimension

a s s u r f a c e


   A JEAN         17. What do you think

                        of th side

                        of yr face

     A GLASS        17.              a pair 

    and countenance



I pulled that in     16.   And pulled it off

in “A Poem against         mind you

chapters”                           in 83843


                     17. the mountain

                       as the history

                          of folding


Sure,                16.  Sketches of  

posing                      classmates


Your family were     17.  Your father

  always killing            killed his

   each other                brother


But your brother

killed his father    17.  But his brother

                          won’t kill his               



                     17.                You come

                           from a proud



Classmates           16. incorporated

    and                    sure,

Container                   they bind




                     17. ties and

                         sure they

                         hold them


                     16. Is it one or is it         


                 GS: “Will you dream for me”

                   I asked the question 4 U



                     17. did they really

                          kill one another

                          for bread for

                   16. pastries,



                   16. for maps for

                       names on maps


                   17. the countenance


                       and falls down

                       the mountain


                  16/17.  without touching

                           it includes


                           it pretzels


                   16. a poem of purpose

                        and proposing

                       of folding things in


                   17. of surface and

                       of sky

                       of folding things in

                       of family


                   16. a projector’s flipped


                    saying “I am age”


                   16. is it (Z’s)


                        the Bottom of image


                 17/16. At the bottom

                        of the mounting

                        its image


                   17.           stole its face

                        + spoke thru it


                   16.                The mounting face

                         a stole


                   17.                saying

                         “I am age”


                      I do not think that                       

                      face would



                   16. EP: “Make it FLOW!”


                   17.        (backwards


                        and fill with the heat

                        and history



                  17/16. of geography


                   16. against chapters


                  17/16. and these states


                   17.        went west and said

                     Our father has killed

                            your father


                   17.        But by our

                       they really meant



                   16. Show them how


                       could people


move west          17. but look to the east 



                   16. only by folding

                       I could think


the shortest distance

the ends being furthest

and tallest

it peaks

from the surface

at Bottom












             “we’ve killed breakfast”



The Brechtian moments in Apyos: 

The showing of the poem's supports integral  

because they are part of the performance    (part and parcel) 

Dancing to the


That jingles in my


My eyes look                …! 

How many children do you want 

(Through though thew) 

Flies don't listen. Flies list. 


Charming/disarming literature looks                          ! … 

What happened here!? 

What do we call this one? 

The Incredible- 

fooled you 



some sort of machine that could graph yr eye movement

it might   define         yr thought 

Did you put on yr soundproof helmet agen 

I like being able to rob meaning like that 

raw being? 

It's a lovely color                                      THE SKY 

What would you call her?    strawberry marshmello 

Even as close to anything    strawberry tangerine marshmallow 

fog practically mirrors 

The temperature at which words freeze to 

That's not a proposal 

Not necessarily something I believe or 

for practically mirrors 

We're killing breakfast 

loud sounds in that fucker 



Princess dies in car crash 





rolled in from California 

rolled in from CA 

programs to write modernist poetry for profit 

intelligent vs. graphic design 

      data or coffee 

   music                      disease

∫   speech             ∫   food 

an integral

lower limit disease

upper limit food 



it's sung 

      an experiment in th idea of breath 

Erases Cage's aleatoric determinism 

[To sing a michtam of David]

[To be alive,        that is good]

[                   A -12               . ] 

The first project,  to place 

   music                                       To what it addresses

∫    speech                                 (th corresponding page 

p. 139 

[My father, where shall I begin]

[Spoke all                the time].

[  A-12  ] 


∫    food 

The jock with blood on his face

  as J a c q u e s ?

Or even a jock, chewing is hand

  talking about


  the wide, white violence

    drove Hemingway

    +justified R a n d ? 

p. 139

"To get out […] the world […]

                                                Despite […]



The idea(l) that Homer, pssibly later


typified   the ideal song

With the page or tablet

     as the ideal context

    or variable (context)  through which

the language event is merely invoked 

The location of which is 

p. ІЗ9 

The lower limit (speech) of 

[My father died in the spring.]


The lower limit being above it's fact 

,objectively          in 



"P o e t r y is speech , scored." 


The upper limit (music)     of

p. 139:

[To be alive,      that is good.]


objectively              musical 

My preference for phrases

   that tend to balance on a vowel: 

      Eggs taste better red 

To borrow (or recycle) the triangle: 


typograph                      journalism 



I hear the                      vowels more. 




Don't forget in several early writing systems

The vowel is taboo, and the name of God

Is spoken with an open mouth, tongue suppressed

It circulates through the mouth, the name

Is "called forth" and enters the body 

On the page, the name is merely invoked

Typographically sealed from activity 

The unknowing and unkown thus sealed from each other 

But from the people in time

     ,for God's own safety -O














In that medieval shithole

No not really

the bird builds a tiny nest in the tallest tree

  and calls the world his home

i hear he's into seagulls

  i fucking love that guy


You know I've got an owl thing.

I painted like 90 o th buzzards.

I use the universal sign language for owl to get peoples attention(makes handsd into circles around eyes)

I think I'm going to get a tattoo in Paris...auroch or ammonite

maybe both, playing


you guys give me hope of love


me too.

would you want it to be?





hey you


i meant that i don't believe women are monsters, not powerful

for men

Well, human really was man, in kind of a "literature" way, so man was like the zero point of the universe...you think?

That’s what Julia Kristeva talks about. Hott.

You rread that stuff?

Thursday morn. I'm not sure how long the flight actually is

  But, without time zone stuff its 25 hours

  I've gotta tackle Sontag


Are you guys getting a place?

How do you feel about girls being called guys?

what kind of work?

How’d you land that.

Does he hate me?





Yes you do

  Good question. He's working hard, too busy to send letters is all i know

Emails back and forth.

  He just told me he's working, and asked where I was,

  told me about letters, and

10:39 PM etc.

  What do you Germans call 'emails'

your language is being corrupted

you must put a stop to it

There is probly no way.



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