the poetry that matters

James Mc Laughlin

James Mc Laughlin is from Dumbarton, Scotland. His work has appeared in Stride, Otolith, Blazevox, Greatworks, NthPosition, Blackbox Manifold, gistsandpiths, Poetry Scotland, Poetry Now, TLS, the beat.



I am more than devices

senses deceive

green leafs remain timid

in any form of water

a belief riven with concept

I love my false ideas and illusions

clutched in causation

so many concentric circles

a two dimensional centre point

a mad penguin

at the apex grin

look me eye to eye

group me in minions

stave off the grief

background noise feels nothing






I was brief

particular to representation

the proof of listening

we as jury

to call something into question

a spider legs up

suspended in determination

and flux

talking of gestation

of where the dye cast

shadows and branches

all forgiven

only now determines reaction

a test of somebody’s ability

stimuli - a way of being

a scant regard

an objection juror

demand for justification


an allergy

to adverse shortage

diseased transmission







you and I are frailty

that is the participate

to lie upon a table

convoluting stars

moving towards clowns

using hands and feet

means and typical

continual or gradual

all for

owl feather turns

distinct as process

like lumpy colour

on the bachelor floor

can anyone see it

are there instances

of red in the pickled herring







time enables two identical events

interval occurring as measure


us is symptomatic of undesirable

a reddish berry poltergeist


contrite and laying as dead

some weird consultation of attainment


flourish and wash organically

non-metallic and exposed to moisture


it’s the fact of no longer having something

a reduction in the level of something


resistance in a fused scene was it

insurance or amount of claim


laying in the bones of contrition

waxing lyrical over an indefinite pronoun


and again and again that significance

materials or ideas - a pacifism





if can be used existence

donated fortitude leaning


arrival tinkles as graphite

stigmata’s with instigation


chemical elements

form large compounds of duplicity


as an electrode ray

try one of these alternatives


a small but significant trace

of quality or feeling


a cause or factor

element to atom


nuclei and occur

naturally on array





fortitude and endurance might be orange liquid

easy and clear the sphere’s measurements


yet the basis of the visual is a simple sensation

a continual alignment and complex glow


an action or gestured threat modulated at the tip

verb transitive to communicate impatience


strong opposition was never my strongpoint

was I automotive the mechanical shaft wheeled


the tide produced by the attraction

the moon the sun concurring fall and rise


but the period of time became opinion

opposite to that taken by others.

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