the poetry that matters

James D. Autio

James D. Autio is a Minneapolis artist. James’ work has appeared in North American Review, ditch, Poemeleon, Drunken Boat, 3:AM Magazine, Yellow Medicine Review, Venereal Kittens, and other fine venues. James is the recipient of fellowships from Hamline University and the Vermont Studio Center.


Of a Rumpus


Pull a bullpin a rat child been

    back at have even that which want

        with both in mac given at the cat sack.


The fact of which we paw flit across

    a deeper plush, your dressing gown

        white and be by her own, who


with cat milk random of her womb

    hold offer open and follow the under.

        But with humid surround sack


taken to such extent as reason

    between leave for someone to grown,

        I breathe as a layback to hay


stalk, sheltered by my private

    lit chair paste. Spliced in this place.

        Paste putty in the conscience


plate board. We caught a beauty

    shape, cut from scissor soft cloth

        clothes which of gauche touch


the much floor hold over

    emotional glaze. Perhaps dropped back

        a pant to have at an itch and thick


care tremble stitched with

    the brought back patch. I am so the bare

        run conduit dredge of the center


flap back and also got such fur

    back walk that from form shelves and

        feign blocked angular spaces,


the under self and traces remain. Knock

    a blackened millwork hat rack out.

        I am in fact of will only until we heap


upon our leave, until the dawn

    if you creep back. Until you come

        to claim to true till leave


is to go to, when it come. If

    it come. I am pleased you revealed, yet

        you know only the pouring have.



Bird on a Jetty


Without greater negation that there

  should be no loose rain forever so to fragile


with yet it seem. Talk our prescient

  salvation as out of a broken reservoir.


Casual. No sleeps in the glimpse.

  And there is little parting.


That there must persist, we suppose

  that put so by the song, a cameo liquid


framework to shift the only slight

  enlarge. Not to girdle with anxious. I could


know and who might get through

  the sensory fill now that the dark shine


and crying of the synod under frayed

  wallpapers. I write a name on the mourning


sun. I’ll be far to see to sing more formal,

  the point to each thing for what forgetting.


Tried for a private sorrow. But when you tried

  never did ache and stripped of a sound hollow


sluice bent. Behavior too have given way

  to get us through, as with an unbridle stealth.


More realize of another time, of a dark hold

  of a bent putty boat, directed but when it come


to be more expectant. Or so to care,

  but of course the abstract voices enjoin us.


Sodden Post


Fly me away and held

  in our hollow elixir, concern


and before you unable

  but turn charming, deigned


unto silent and founded

  delicious minutia of your


thimble holed. Perhaps our body

  braid was of a caught sight but still


dense and precious aside

  the bracken zeitgeist. A mild affect


yet the serious balm of

  individual essential and known over


it is this to hold to drift

  and ball. Cock vasters you caught


sight and twinge in the hag hold.

  Aver here to value or in the own to a


fanned setting. Hence

  a plaited feat, repeated thrush under


the pump glimpse and returns

  from the carpet back slight chore kind


probable. Used to strung

  devour a dead brazier or even dilute


struggle comes. To hold

  the cleft. And yet pointed damp


to hand trash panels use back

  and turned, shan’t go into that.







Not when I want

and got sliver hat

and not break hate

break will have made,

and also later that same day

never been mentioned nor actual.

The chick weighed innumerable lays


of narcotic snatch pamphlet. What I

thought I tried to say yet there be a brutal

film sometimes reflected to give back

my faceplate, my barrage of flower keep

sake toggle the end stick.

I take of the pale. We


took of blue dark honeys comb

to hold open brain palm. She

ran the first tintern through grasses

on damp hills, turned with hair

a wind past buoy, as with

the cottage thin.


Mouthing tore the uproot colour

slight shift of expectation to decline

the peach penned bone overflash

slacken loam. Later at home,

a sudden defunctory end bath

foam, she unbutton undress

and then just rest.





Sung Down Lament


The sun seems to be wearing the exaltation tuque.

How much given to the sky resonance and these


go on a little distance storm bent, suggestion

of a piano passage sustain rising aloft and he


have come to feel no displeasure under swollen

support strictures. Memory silence even as he


hoist the bumbershoot and eye to the shade

of dark fiend ripples disable the light. Yet light.


Yet a bit of heightened aware as henceforth

vision fades. Replaced. To this normal shapeless


lament a dismal seeming, a nothing put to utter

well of the foci. Nevertheless, from of the seem


of sledge, a second constant: a counter song

button brisk accompaniment reaction as of the


puny position when given to a greater return

bundle. The image gesture a desire for wet


in heather, superb pulse to pull apart a moment.

Meaning to the very page. The rain pours down.







Naught but as a soufflé pang

   then her apron seemed to leap.

Once taught a tree tumble

   an apple bough so never seeing.


I think I know though I don’t

   the nibble latch strand twice

blanched at the suffer back,

   the tickle glee free curled


and futile chaste. We trusted

   the hooch blast of spring timber

haunches of clay. Twice now

   the dense tote. It’s easy to lose


track. Haul now a brittle reticent

   of faucet skin tease taut ball,

and her hips, bent, buttocks,

   unimpeded gentle eye joint.


Mother and daughter fruit, a

   faint rasp back at the gentry

slip and breathe, a wide hinge

   paste. I feel you cup my eyelid


wax half pressed and the fume

   of dissolve heat dim between.

Near being able with the almost

   reach of a familiar pleasure.






Solemn and earnest epithet. Courage

balls is not yet come to the higher step.


Discontinuous parallel, the normal bridge

alternative to chemicals on the placard.


Stretched along incensed horizontals

and having been thrived of the under foot,


the haughty precipitant concedes a warn

gloom cupboard pull. Tapestries and


stupid pastries for hasten of a fastened

contact but there are bullions in the spice


nook. In front of sun shot cafés we shall

be caught dirigible and no longer sighs


of infinite microbes to pray to wrack

a brain rampart for the mere pleasure.


Saw poignant sound leaps to unknown

depths and ceaseless murmur liquids


heard. We wander through the hurtle of

lingual transliteration descent to shingle


over a toil rake lodge. There is nobody

hurt and ashen with fever. There is no


slag quite as fragrant. There is abundant

affectation listens on the nourish terrace.




Chose To


Involuntary button pivot,

there is no more perfect nudge

as a key handle need put knob

to the push stuck out each,


either which sometimes pendulum.

If she could put to a hand, and flown

in neither case back upon her community

pillow, redemption less a focus


of being place. Blunder to get

under to mouth a bull harvest tapestry,

her lips that bore a little further shadow

sown than have at without a bare boy


liberty free to lay use to escape

being both veil a bed wall. A weak later

thicken the slight intrusion. Now she harbor

the spotted emerald city sheet quarter.


Once make suggest fresh sorrow

break lurk in suspension household to talent

confusion. In the end, the raised humps

which is meant those wide


and when well on their way bale.

He is in soften tone balk. No matter each.

Both of bent curls wet, wink wedge

and unintention, what to made murmur


of during boy emerged. It seems

such a thing. She seems shaken of tissue

sugar fold over hymen, made breathless

of a sound sheath while of a gasp


back at the portion plummet sudden

at last lower and promise to curtail obedient

clusters for all she conceal. She resemble

the fold of a lavish cloak.


Made more stubborn of a tongue then,

and made to come of the patchy choice.

But then she choose not to say, nor

to whom given a faux blush.




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                                                                                                                 August 20, 2013