the poetry that matters

Jake David

Jake David lives near Cornwall, ON. His work has appeared on the webmags Writers' Bloc, The Beat, Heavy Hands Ink, and Sillymess



            your greatest reap: accordion's accordial
arrival at the dial for diving inside a villanious vial,
K,I,L,L, I,T, K,I,L,L, I,T, K,I,L,L,I,T!
no I won't kill what I can't see
You Will
I won't no
You will
         Actors hired portray family, editors, friends, flirtatious canes, enabled walkers & their heavy shoulders, dang--
To them: quite romantic; quiet's death
A        b       b     r e v i a. (s)kyline fantasy;-- drivel. Hysterics.
Plithy religion, that hysterics I know now will never fall, o' fall to my lap, this night, honesty wrapped in serenaded truth/ the window's gall.
          Nonassured, the fiery vixen; there, alone, see it, the one, there, behind headd'st drink swingfall flow'n t'wards highsy's skies?
          See th' ashtray
refutal prime-time's empire gets chance forgive conscience's sake, being brained the footsteps through/a/boundary's flight in sedated pale afternoon--of for/got/t_en time?
hiera/rchies t' Knowledge in all its/ self-important indulgence?

Step Right ^! Step On ^

Ovary springs at the bottom of a house
This final Nightcall goes Out with a bang, BANG-
Bang on the doorwall of doorknobs across the edge of hall,
banging crossroads in miseries rueful travelers holding each self worthy higher than respected unseen outskirts of cities untraveled & desolate as Centurie's Oblivion & heading straight on downwards to Hades--
Forgotten Yeah past centures/
   You're now Now & you will never Be When & Yesterday again---
   Simply found is lost avenues, borderline Schizophrenic dealers wrapping minds burdened by opinion.
   Eerie bones
   Shackled loans
(& none once was won over, how long will death last? & what of your word on page? & what of memory? & any preconceivable encompassed compassion of the Negro who sings omniprescented fewers in received disharmonics & unintelligible schoolbooks? Wondering why burns cages at  standstill across country-clothesharkenednew & falling from Aprhodite's curls?)
By the fire of a gutter
DESIRE WITH ENVIOUS EYES tortured to rebuilt willowed brains breaking, little girl--
Thoughtful for the image of Americana Cock & Canadian Cunt
Poets do sigh
Bare the universe & lament all taboo--
Writers abide Third-eyes

I'm glad I'm not me.


Imagination: What has imagination given me?:

Staring life's courtrooms in the eyes and saying goodbye to self-(conscience)ness
Making Truman Burbank a brother to sleep beside me through the night
A staircase of intangible decades of orgasms splattered onto blank pages
Seeing swirls of blue ocean waves within muddy-gray clouds
Having to refrain my heart's meanings in the name of being accepted
Sleeping beside a lover when anybody else would think it a woven blanket
Travels through thrown-off ferris wheels as I stare into "imagined" chandeliers
Creating microphones out of a coffee mug, standing at a nation-wide podium
A restlessness to judge anybody daring limit their possibilities to appease someone
A contract bound by obligation to The Muse to drown in Georgia's sweat
Seeing a symphony of accordions when everybody else sees a candle flame's hum
Conjuring images of my mother dying alone, on her death-bed every single day
Travels through thrown-off ferris wheels as I stare into "imagined" chandeliers,
and I'll drown the window outside my world before I start breathing,
though I'll know my mind well before I start thinking.


B u d d h a bless the leeches preaching honesty
       While destroying every ounce of happiness!
The (copu(grand)oi(infacteventhoughishouldn'tsaythis)se) body can't see but mind feels!
      The majestic orphan steals its one-prime solution,
question, I'll leave living to the liars of this Asleep Earth
Observation deck;
            watch stars forlorn with me, Buddha darling!
      Wait! Wait! Isn't the answer, no,
when you can't even get up off your own feet to steal a paycheque out of the pockets & mis'ry, no. Beauty breaks the back'a parliamental peasants sparkling before becoming new zygote in my coffee.

Watch stars antagonize lonely folks,
lovely odes to watching stars needled 'cross canvas off concluded,
seduced, & introduced to unexpressed dreamer's daft-deft brevity
of swarmed jobs mem'd, ahh your HOUSE ALL FARTHER, Buddha!
          My father, Buddha!
Buddha, watch kiss star lavish lacquerish bore.
            My own two-stooped feets s l u d-ged, barrier-on trudged at the guards sprinkling poor piper pricks peddling partridge peasants plea(norforyoutoread,either)santly pleading plethor(o)ic pantrampolinesoxygenialanguisticonfusionecessaryesterdayslavenedresscodeternities. Besides the symphony of the rainforest & theatrical orchestra of a windy beach's midnight encore, silencing the abandoned highways covered in peanuts, littered around like an exhihinhibition gallery. Crawling courtyards whisper they on, encourage, never raggled suckled spines atop Paris balconies October carriage agrees, sighs, questioning why the eyes o' mind that doesn't sleep assassinates Mr.Bush? Meeting death's hour twirling finger-corked tip, tocking off clocked virgins spend time for evening happiness fallicle.. Gather retreat memabankyard tomorrow's yestercarpy corpse corp coret bereft duvet tonight. Oh no, mother, cares! Why!

Watch Window Weep

           crawling cowards cahd'ly, make Ulysses weep
WEEP, JoySEE, JU(copyrightinfringement)ICY JOY, aye see where heading for is

I say the answer, the answer/ brevity's assurance, through/ needle-stuck arms begging matrimony: Married\ steck-quarrified marooners marrying--each other's severed spines.

spine, there. Won't wither, Think twice why? Don't, 'pon desolation's angels rangled past the barriers, my consequence:
         Is a conscience merely the rough draft of consciousness? how thou'st slithers like a spineyard fragrance!
S'only tricks display, want some?

Already begun, rewound, respun, therein & won't I wither without despair but for towards calling? The phlegm aligned! Aligned!
       TO RIGHT NOW AS one shouldn't.. for odious, hysterically-naked fantasies upwards, limitedwards, wards! Wards make the words I'dn't come this world into fo'ards for, drowning.
Take to mind the ruinful ruined arousal symptoms showing abbreviated sanctuaries say what else can they show ye?
          NO I SAY what
          NO what I WON'T
Sleep-eyed winks, nestled brim-stocked relations, only a seperation's veil
I know, I know.
Plithy fools plenty fakes, all mine children play songs & grasp factuals according to their reading this day, OctFLUNKuationary the 42nd.

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