the poetry that matters

Jacob Braun

Jacob Braun is a writer and poet from Thorold, ON, majoring in French and Education at Brock University.



Lachrymental Irritation




traces appear

alongside timecovered

tracks of humankind. Wildebirth:

Growth without gods, then cultivation.

Taste, sourtear stairwell to eternal life; con-

centric ringing around a near-perfect sphere.

Medicinal body medicinal mind: headaches,

coughs, snakebites, hair loss. Bulbous cap on

Roman tabernacles, crown of carnal spires

in Russia (Theotokos son being pointed).

Crick-like antecedence shimmers milky

sprinkled cradles of the universe.

As Preface, mirror to

us all. Why here?





Lightcone/Cognate Ideation



. . . lihin tse cnuNunc est nihil . . .

. . . spmet ud ertênef al tnarvuOuvrant la fenêtre du temps . . .

. . . obmika sthguoht ym wolb ytinrete fo sdniWinds of eternity blow my thoughts akimbo  . . .



1st yr uni: a collage


Introit. Fallalone Heraclightest, athousand apiece o'mind. iDealistik, achète txtellall in

propammer for (conjusea? conjunderstand?) litterachoo, painnotherbill, flummawks

paean ntherfee (entrypy). Resmatenoying n indistinguitabular, Rogers? Churrawno erOdduwah? Leafs, ah neveryMay, mais endoctriné. Raw sword e-zire, ahem. Notetakers afroshwee, anonintrusted a tall ouch; damn Vine though. Aweight fromome, a Gawd? gutterdamntheyoung ringringring weaving twards a grailopaper. Goodness grailcious

thleck sure is long an thgurls are queued. Exposé, ahow many knoteyes in the humdrum, manologonerversus me—dead eye see that allowed? Rougeâtre et penaud. Wordzaar wordzaar everyear and nada stop to think. Anyquest? Mids. Humming n drumming, achoo I think I'll skip a dei; sheez a theist, athirst for sumsthinks (but gnawed inner foxhole—Nice). Promontory? Gnomon is an eyeland no wastrelsy blooms. Zzzzz. Zzzzzzz? Oui Neech uh,

Got his ded!ication. All ready psych of it all, Tolls. Cold 21 Nov anon; Finals. Sunyoke slothump noctrave fathump cafalc knot in I-land. Talk is cheap, cocain't. Wordfishin

Canadian Tireing yew out, son? Well alease you have abraink, awintermission.




Renewyearal, fêtons la rentrée (mais quel ivrogne—glug glug gluggony's one of s-heaven).

Resbanal, achète txtellall, pays (pay-ee) more, iDeals iRunny oh aPartmenides whubbynice, glossyglossy aye's aloam (no Odduwah). Lucksure and anyquest? ʒə vǿ ʒǝ vǿ pɑ ʃe pɑ mwɑ. Stressexistenshall, is him or hermit or tunewon bestflesh? Erostippus use less, no that's gnaw rite Playdoh!s you'zless, bodiless (buddyless) nothink knew under the sun

save a soul ipsism. Ahem ingwayward travelour(soft) des siècles des siècles far'a-home in

Pair E - I'd love to go myself, wooden you? No, I don't care where I am Saul just the shame


etc. I don't care a whack, Jack knew. Buddhalandbuddhasea amillionmountainstrosities of headachin hall-o-round tableturns and returns doan teach urthing. Mids. A strainj and unyoushwall medifor of shore't fling becrass paradox lustis one of s-heaventy-two when

Henderson scored, eyewish highdabin there. She dwhells in posse (weepout me). Hash

tag high hish. Erosnow is melding. Ape relish the crewless monk. Finals. What's the punt?

Thingalingaling (only the thing is—phenomeno effact). L'angoisse, la pluie, oh! Exeunt.



                                                                                                   December 18, 2013