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Ivars Balkits

Ivars Balkits is from Athens, Ohio. He has most recently had poems and prose published on the web sites for Silenced Press, Merge Poetry Journal, Counter Example Poetics, and in Ta Xronika, a bi-lingual newspaper distributed in the Hersonissos township of Iraklion prefecture, Crete. He was recipient of a 1999 Individual Artist Fellowship from the Ohio Arts Council.


Chakra Doodle Ching

With Third Eye as navel of the head, heart starts a restless search. Pedestal power holds it up; desire's carefully fitted to the Void. Will, the last player picked, is illumined by the tines of the Royal Hat. [Re: Chapter 16, Tao Teh Ching.]


Instead of wheels ("chakras in Sanskrit) I find heads in each of my energy centers. The seven or eight main energy centers. The head ones. Up-torso and down-torso, as if inside the main channel resided a totem pole of heads. The forms imaged mean hardly anything dependable: doodled while mind rests on   the chakras, with texts that describe the images after. I like to think these fragments could be collaged into a psychic monument, but they resist. Or I resist.



Short Sheeted Chakras

Head below!

in Muladhara, head of Sage, whose toothless oracles may be only captured in reverse. Under a sagging Orientalist fez, that head... lovingly brushed by Swadisthana’s feather duster, long-stalked with broom-like flower heads... that

Sacral head!

Swadisthana, prisms and branches bristling under the damaged Rabbit in the Moon, rising now in solar plexus. Bypass that military base! Head now to Anahata! that scrap of mist wheezing from the core as nostalgia bubbles often do -- that simperingly and persistently petition Vishuddha to do the talking, for a change.


Muladhara is the root chakra, Chakra One, located between anus and genitals or, in several systems, at the coccyx. Crudely put, Swadisthana is the sex chakra, and maybe the art chakra, and may have to do with religion. It is Chakra Two, found three fingers below the navel. Again, systems vary, and so may results. Anahata, the heart chakra, Chakra Four, is gropingly pinpointed in the sternum. Vishuddha is the throat chakra, Chakra Five, near the larynx. Regarding Chakra Three, at the solar plexus, and Chakra Six, the middle eye, as well as Chakra Seven, the crown chakra... later for that, maybe never.




New York Chakras

The neck flows in as a river would, and the head pops out like a zombie trout. A toilet seat around its mouth. Another mouth around its surprised left eye.

From this drainage grows a preordained duality, broken only by the Vital Tree's physical support of Eastern-shaded Western belief, lapsed and to come.

Now comes worship in the rim of eyes around the crown of Lady Liberty. Tourist and mendicant alike rotate in the renown perspective inside the bottle cap crown of Mr.

Lady Liberty.

Here dream and doppelgänger soul sail past each other on the elbows of the aerial city. Heart squints through the ribcage at the myriad Boats That Can -- kin to the Train That Can -- as these chug past The Palisades on their way to Let's Say...

Commentary: Management reserves the right to not make commentary.

Commentary: Except maybe that the heads change just as minds do, morph into scenes and characters and symbols and typography. So that what doesn't look like is, and what is is said. Maybe now, maybe later.




Fear-of-Meeting Chakras

1, 2, Hara* wide: Alpha waves bounce there. A question remains: How to transfer that energy from my enteric brain to the ruminating fore-brain where it could conceivably do me more good?

3,4, I doodle the Genie of Cups. Is said djinn blowing out of the vessel, or being smoked in? (I don't know, ask me.) Chakra unsteadiness departs or enters there, and if departs there, enters a classic Chuck Converse-like sneaker.

5, 6, Bellowing horn of my detached throat-chakra harangues this apparition of transcendence. I spill into its blue cupped ear Gamma visions rumored there by my personal Third Eye.

7, With Id isthmus thus out of the loop... an unconnected but absolute tiara hovers inside the halo disappearing now from record. So Mentors of If, where is thy Nota Bene?

Nota Bene:

"Hara" is formed in the lotus and maybe other positions while resting hands in lap, palms up, left middle finger atop the right middle finger, thumb tips pressed together as if holding a piece of laughter...

or  eggshell...

or potato skin.



Child's Drawing Chakras


The mouse of power swats the head Hara on the Hat, passes the inner-tube tire repair kit over to the  four-footed bird picking at the Skandhas,* picking their wide mouths open.


Eyes slide onto the crown, real crow's feet jut from the sockets. Ears slip over the cheeks. Voila! the voice barks up from its dark volume of childhood.


Watery halo swells around the skull fur, aping the teary-red Third Eye. Bloodshot fruit of the throat lies nearby composting.


* Skandhas = aggregates. Aggregates can be "masses, heaps, piles, bundles, or tree trunks," according to Wiki. And here I thought they were the five good-old American senses! or such, not senses strictly but the five forces that hold you together as good-old-you... and me as good-old me. Except, these drawn-together aggregates are empty. It may be we need to realize that all "sand, gravel, crushed stone, slag, and recycled crushed concrete" is empty.



Lone Chakra

You live long enough it starts from the bottom up. You burst out of your skin flying a kite. Be careful. Tied to the kite are the boxing gloves with which you once hoped to punch the Word in the mouth.



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                                                                                                                 July 13, 2012