the poetry that matters

Iris Appelquist

Iris Appelquist is from Kansas City, Missouri, where she is active in the literary/spoken word scene. Appelquist maintains a weblog at: www.myspace.com/appelquist. Her work has previously appeared in Present Magazine, Panda, Pomegranate, Kill Poet, and In Between Hangovers.


the noise doesn’t matter;
(a stone’s throw; skipping)
the truth lives within the breasts of
(across what the difference)
teenaged boys and thirty-something
(remains to be…across
what heroes were) women (before
you were wanted to have
them vetted.): irrational (it lands
where you resign yourself).  it lives
without words or need (to having to
never be a rockstar or very), we
can be a part of it (influential in
any way whatever. you can see it). we
can put additions on everything
(across the small distance, you
swear) to make it seem worthwhile,
while (that it’s close)
never actually (enough.)
 thinking of the eventual


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