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Heller Levinson

Heller Levinson lives in NYC where he studies animal behavior. He has been published in over a hundred journals and magazines including Alligatorzine, The Cartier Street Review, Counterexample Poetics, ditch, First Literary Review-East, Hunger, Jacket, The Jivin’ Ladybug, Mad Hatters’ Review, Mad Swirl, Mid-June, Moria, Omega, Otoliths, Poets for Living Water, Skidrow Penthouse, Street Cake Magazine, Sugar Mule, Sulfur, Talisman, Tears In The Fence, The Wandering Hermit, The Toronto Quarterly, A Trunk Full of Delirium, Venereal Kittens, and Wood Coin. His publication, Smelling Mary (Howling Dog Press, 2008), was nominated for both the Pulitzer Prize and the Griffin Prize. Black Widow Press published his from stone this running in 2012. Additionally, he is the originator of Hinge Theory.



bushwhack craven carve legerdemain circumstantial mole the bred upon lost in the lily pond curtailment schoolyard no longer refuse but refusal the rebuttal a butt butressing stampede conformity outlandish socks the telltale sign how you dress for how you walk if you dont walk you arent going anywhere this is no more a discovery than a séance with hiccups where are you when we need you Mr. Phillips dont answer that its disquiet distemper a template of meridional scorch medicinal stench countercultural subterfuge folk song bucket lamentation mesas seldom left behind skid marks path the road to lachrymose road smelling novelty smelling rent pavement wheelin hell bent dissatisfactions down at the factory enter here

smart parts delineate a reckoning leftovers soon stink

skank &

the wilderness









studying the history of the repeat sign :|| leads to an assessment of time as an event uncomfortable with registration the way pageantry disguises the lisp or a lipover improves the tongue without regard to improving performance

laboratories crunch cannabalistic back-door recursions nadiral intoxications in the cardinality of bridge compresses the long syllabic bias







pony-up pullulative rake bastion fever frills

forensic quill

fructuous cake

archering ponytail hagiographic centerfuge

how many ways to count a thing

the belly









          forever is not not that it is not

trip-worthy just that it is a lapse

overlooking governable non-compliance

yet earnest


upon these shores momentum grows


at times, gorgeous


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                                                                                                         July 2, 2012