the poetry that matters

Heller Levinson

Heller Levinson lives in NYC where he studies animal behavior. He has published in over a hundred journals and magazines including Sulfur, Hunger, Talisman, First Intensity, Laurel Review, Omega, The Wandering Hermit, Jacket, The Jivin' Ladybug, etc. His most recent publication, Smelling Mary, is newly out from Howling Dog Press and has been nominated for both the Pulitzer Prize and the Griffin Prize. He is the creator, originator, and founding father of Hinge, and Hinge Theory. Please visit www.hellerlevinson for more information.


parking the dog the meter bloated apoplexy

it was just another morning blather news oriole the statuettes demonstrative

with intrigue & garland who

would have put the shot the move that got the

canisters trippy tremulous too you grooved you got you craved you saved

a crust a gust a cuss

holidays are spent in assay reimbursement dont you say a way pay play toda(y?) say

i do i do i do i’ll say plse screw plse screw plse screw renew renew  

you say i do i do i renew i do

the ticket discarded as a malfunction



vectors, valences, and valedictorians

vicinal tropisms malign nearly

a maverick letterhead explains all

counseling underscores deviances hitches

the explorer’s grail achieve success

the trump way             climbing aboard

deteriorating architecture nullity torpedoes

a wrack of collisions Olson’s oxyacetylene

depilate to embrace the good life

fractious favors the newborn

speed is an accelerated concept

a failure to understand that the future

needn’t repeat the past that the causal

nexus of solutions is a priori as

solubility functions are a posteriori

everyone carries faces about inside them

a landmark for lubbers lathe

to round off a chorus of

fish gaining

the sea



lonely like libidinous flaw

pilla(o)ry toil

the steps   that g(wr)e(ck)t   you there

             -- wreckage that spills

             -- a wrecking-flow

wreck reeking rudderless      careen down

lonely street                 the t(h)orn garden the

landscape that t(j)e(ers)ars         umbrage &


pilot systems that descry the shallows

the mandible that winked           a reconaissance referral

a way out





Toxicity Bummer

ramped pile-ups           vampirish trash

pressed into netherworlds of clinch

embrace             garbage → collectivized → twined

→ coveted courted      commingled –

     [mingling more intimate than their progenitors

     [slum intercourse

     [trash orgies

     [positional frenzy

shuttled through assorted destination(s) (‘holidays’) a trek the rubbish TripTik charting course sleighing to the

dumpyard sle(threa)dding through the dumpster to Kingdoms of Junk scurrilous crud clumpery cesspools wrestling
disarray wrapped/packaged for Cerberic inspection – dressed for extermination                        hierarchical omnivores

glutted misfed & screen-fastened firing platitudinous dial-ups      congealing photovoltaic carcinogenic discards           
rat axles gibbering plantme(a)eteat grease sunrise solder cereal cartons reeling sidereal

mounds            plateaus           mountains of  rubbish

refuse               refusal             the dismissed

dismissing the dismal

                                         that which

no longer

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