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Heather Loretta Curley

Heather Loretta Curley is a musician and poet born in Toronto, Ontario. Currently she has a recording to be released on Pleasance Records (a Toronto label), and has been featured in the punk/experimental groups DD/MM/YYYY, rotbottyrot (Edmonton, AB) and MAGIC CHEEZIES.


(for Kristina)

Observed fish swim in and out

Task commend instinct    calculate channel
brought forth current    wade 

follow such a line.
conceive   of a/ breathing or biology

other, inscrutable

amongst our groaned patterns: sunken
in sand, old reliable   

finite experience. the first

Observed tailored humanoid:  bound

sells defecated systems of rhythm,    weight
to her ancestors      scarred cartography of

traceable limbs, wound affirming experience. Bask in this certainty:  for
clocked and clothed. unsure primal necessity,  A hope access

allowance of honesty (Note to Self: Self),

deprived slight     deserving.
Now shaken, uprooted    praised tears

her roadside stand, raking in watered coins.

(delight of feeling courses channel)

Upheld/  world split sized, cauterized division     what life,    capsized in quick
agile, firming seed     loving torrent. Chain        
self-biting all links: Task look to

a morning sun gnarly, wisened  A lion breath,

snapping stitches loose (for that) ingrown look. Outdated
Creative our union! Observed praised slideshow. Us,
holy cafeteria

palms pressed                                 &
advance. Perspiration’s cue:

(we’ve made a mistake,
stepped into the wrong

street noises  signalling.

Glance upward: surrender dorothy: a carving. This in smoke.
Light changes

Observed fish swim in and out

World eros / patio hysteric, 3 parts

Here lies


to dark, sleepless. Unequal/led
shared desire,

abolish no-sun

retract night definition    fine line

pin pricks, score of Too-Real:

gain joy. Here lies
genius or Incision,

greatness imagined & fertility’s guise:
come up with 12 saints    tiny bulbs. I am all

uneven shapes

distorted, Rapunzel hailing glass taxis

strange Christ. roasted
Anatomically displayed, gods quiet  

Parts, maternal instinct: quaint
alphabet (one palm)

perennial drone, weekend

lord of the flies.  2in Kept, lumbering pose, weary jaunt
subscribing to no long haul     i Bow, retreat of
shamed. Searing micro-spit (recall symbolism),

my sign blinks tell of passerby, unwritten

law of light across in garden shadow. & Remain out back     

faithful. think to the paintings:
Mummers planted, seat detailed

floor plan, poor

lace begging sight. hallucinate floes, the

let hair down, speed up rescue,


imploring to wake, to be clued into
longing, activity


laughter’s uneven nature,

imbalance &

3bubbling spring.  heart’s
Spacious sunset: I open arms as you entering

Trees howl as you enter

globe hips, round not so as
Supposed   otherworldly provider

an out

flat en/trails, path for all. A subject to change but

desirous able-bodied, in chance coerced. Misunderstood as

not far in the distance we hear


shooting off white trails off into the woods

thighs built like
mounds of salt. exclusion of

anyotherbody (though you)

My open appeal, my own thighs
I am more than one I


in a garden

The Little Ones

Growing (from) capable root, practice
dance (of) (the) hours

(at) (the) jaws of giants,


denial (of) safety.

ripping thru,
open (that) un-used meat

find bone (of)
champion (our) cause


Young (you) find me

straddling air,
hopscotch continents. Certainties

space between life dreamed&
bloated   spirit division,

simple math (to) sweat the brow
head split
5 parts, senses.
invisible imagined.

Out (into) (the) squares,(our)
unease (of) perfection.


Eleven Fingers


one womb,

&worth it. Syncopated abrasion, the benchmark of fever:
ghost notions, immobility. Thrust(ing) through
the portal. i s.py

Cavalcade love (for) enemy army, an

oversight. SHHHHHeets, quiet now. this dark side not dark exact,
pupil-knocked    Unknown,
worm thru the fruit.

                                   call diamonds    spades

hold high, head  

Crown   contemplate a leaning towards oversex. Your feet in space &
no feeling in
your gums. Zippered shut, mouth. Called pie-hole. Born and bred
in no man’s land, shrouded in feminine custom:
I cannot see thru lines unchanging.

Continue on ((((((((HUFF PUFF

PUFF)))))) Barefoot, haunting the swollen
surface, the hallways. Chastised soles Their misdemeanour, crowding future shoes,
stone-set. blisters, a real thing

Compass, world dictator!
Lend me a spoon. I’m digging to new else, opposite of barbaric
stageplay, so graciously offer’d. jabbing false angels, other winged
cotton stuffed to the gills, dandied to the nines. Braided (in) cloth and
let hang, feral testament
Roll the tongue and seize the wrist, the inner thigh.

Beat horizon
beat on off. on

off Cataclysmic, hard to soft 10X
gentle archway, plaster cast

&beautifully mounted. Shedding white dust

in mimicry. I look to you to me: Twin galactic-al pulse, twin fire

and say Beautiful, we both say
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