the poetry that matters

Heather Anne Mullins

Heather Anne Mullins currently resides in Colorado. She studied creative writing at New York University. She has published poetry online at Lamination Colony, Shampoo, and Opium. She is currently composing her first collection of poetry.

Heart comma


Tape the red glass together.

Memory and dream have the same mother.

The womb is full of water.

Press play and record.


If I had to define it I’d say:

Love is a confetti splash from the window.

It has every color of light in the spectrum.

I only had to see it once to know.


Replicate and activate with oil

pastel. Put it in a frame.

Write a song on the harmonium.

A million pieces from the maker

can meld.


Or I’d put it this way:


Here is a box

with silence inside.

It's for you.

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                                                                                                                            October 15, 2011