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Harry Man

Harry Man works as a Digital Editor in London, England. He co-created a contemporary dance and poetry collaboration for the London College of Fashion and his work has appeared in Popshot Magazine, New Welsh Review, Poems in the Waiting Room and Eyewear's Poetry Focus among other places. Harry has been longlisted for the Melita Hume Prize, the Bridport Prize and in 2012 he won third prize in the Cardiff International Poetry Competition. He is also a member of Malika Booker's Poetry Kitchen.


In / different Voices


Can I just ask / what little / conviction / we have / theft all the time.

We can’t force / terrorism / in the home / out and about

chances are / or if / They come back. It sounds a perfectly normal

/ Stupid question. / motor vehicle / Do you know what your name is?

As it’s assault, just us two / for me please / serious criminal / service

/ “TOTAL POLICING” / all that will do / fracture / across the sternum

/ paperwork matches the description / twenty pounds / for that individual

arresting / bicycle lights / approached / rights to the property / inadmissible

be able / To aid / not them, to you right / I’m going to need / offending persons

unknown / When you can / if they come back / in court / we might well say

/ witness / neighbourhood. / If they come forward / despite previous

/ and that line / goes to court / They go back. / It’s called stop ‘n’ search.

Thanks for coming in / the profile / not that we think you will commit

/ the system / allows you / victim / on the pavement so / Fine. / after

premises outside / London / so I am issuing you a ticket / goods

we can’t / in a month or so / out of our hands / violate / out of our control

have an impossible / date of birth / on the form / prosecution / free counselling

is available / if you just ask / you can just ask / Shall I, shan't I? Shan't I



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                                                                                                                  April 14, 2013