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Silja Hrund Barkardóttir Hansen

Silja Hrund Barkardóttir Hansen is an up-and-coming Icelandic writer of poetry and prose. Silja has a degree in Icelandic Literature, has taken part of an MA-degree in Icelandic Studies, is currently taking an MA-degree in Cultural Mediation, has worked as an assistant teacher for various teachers at the University of Iceland, has translated from Icelandic to English, for instance in Stúdentablaðið, was editor of the black version of the short-story and poetry collection Guðmundarstaðarkynið and published a poem there, was the foreman of the Culture- and Arts Society in Fjölbrautarskólinn í Breiðholti, where she held various gatherings; concerts, author-readings and cultural evenings. Silja has written poetry both in Icelandic and English used as lyrics for the musician Jón Gunnar Þórarinsson and for his band Bed of Nails as well as in her own lyrical/musical performances, has published articles about the 17th century magician Jón Daðason in the academic web-journal Kistan, Afkimar, has forthcoming an article about Jón Daðason in Glíman and forthcoming entries in the Icelandic Handbook On Literature.

Jón Bjarki Magnússon

Jón Bjarki Magnússon is not yet a poet. He has been working for the Nýhil poetry collective in Iceland as an accountant for the last one and a half years. But numbers and money do not give him the fulfillment he desires. He has been trying to write for a long time; unfortunately, he never seems to perfectly find the right tone to describe his experience with sheep in Cambodia. This brings sadness into his life, sadness that generates a horrific look on his face. Right now, Jón Bjarki is working on a poem called “the lambs in [add any country of the world] (and you).” His goal is to write about lambs in all the countries of the world. If he succeeds his sadness might disappear, and with it would go that horrific look on his face, his best poem to date. Which would be sad.

Jón Örn Loðmfjörð

Jón Örn Loðmfjörð, born in Selfoss on Christmas day 1983 and conceived in Reykjavík around Easter the same year, is an Icelandic experimental poet who has lately concentrated on digital poetry with good deal of success. He has created poetry machines, including the notorious Goggi available in four languages. Jón also writes "normal" poetry. Visit his webpage here: http://lodmfjord.is for nonsense details in Icelandic.

a collaboration:


She bound boom may bait red bam can me?

The girl lost the firefly our walls and drugs
when she tears the dreams ha ha ha window dawn
the horror rack and die fuck aids the A a

She bound boom may bait red bam can me?

Don´t say it hunt cheater his horny red prison paws
the depth of the cigarette or our hamburger
car cuckoo-bird dragonfly dog to kill freedom on an island
Jón Bjarki Jón Bjarki you are the Hitler fresh flowing duck
his dream is not pretty
Indian cuisine the soft doll

She bound boom may bait red bam can me?

Cock and pussy died directly for animals
whale elephant teeth shoot finally sad bee
and how to try to die?
Selfoss a wooden love chamber the hatred lust
the smurf building a tower do damn

She bound boom may bait red bam can me?

Sugar foods hate you bird control shit geyser
have profession but sour apple
he woman can hush cancer but drums in her cookie
can beard build bridge?
Ship Jón Örn Angela Rawlings these to a
must we ever will theirs fucking death
was Strandir table shirt?

She bound boom may bait red bam can me?

Is hair them is?
Do water she work?
Always never no can he fight can candle aid poet?
A ring.

She bound.

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