the poetry that matters

Hakim Bellamy 

Hakim Bellamy is a two-time National Champion in the Poetry Slam scene. Hakim is a freelance journalist, community organizer and social justice advocate as well as a playwright and actor. Hakim’s poetry and journalism have been published internationally with his radio journalism featured on KUNM 89.9FM out of Albuquerque, NM. He is currently working for the New Mexico Office of African American Affairs and is a board member for Poetic Justice Institute as well. He is most proud of being the Poetry Club coach at South Valley Academy.







Then Resin
Res-erected turntables stand on all four
Elements of hip-hop and it bees the five
Spinnin’ time in to a weave
W-E-B entangled with emcees in me
So whatcha wanna "
Do, Boys?"

Be boys?
B-Girls be present
Past and future
Dance up a revolution of record proportions
Wrecking rotations

Like windmills will and we'll...

Break dance
Break up lent languages
             Turn them into ours

Break economically depressed grays with color
And fuck turnin’ tables
             We'll break them bitches

Rock the status quo
Piss in the mainstream
               Cause they can't sell us our culture back

It's just a matter of time
That we stop looping looks
And re-begin extending hooks
Right AND Left, from each wing of the establishment and towards its glass jaw

Re-introduce extensive breaks
Fracturing the forearms of the industry's grip
            On Hip-Hop's Dick

Rendering a once prosperous, prolific movement
             Fruit bearing multiple seeds
                Seeding multiple minds                        Impotent

5 Elements
Empty contents of beat box

Recipe on the back of beat box mix
                With interesting variations
                      Don't be afraid to try anything new

Or Old
Add knowledge of self, some Cool Herc and Bam-batter
Afrika Bam-Butta

“Stir it up”
With mixer, blender or fader
Break and beat eggs

Whole Milk (Not Vanilla Ice)
My favorite variation says decorate with Eminem's for added flava

Cause this mouthful of culture is for anyone with the right ingredients
          Pure intentions
                Passion and time

Organic like Planet Rock
And                              Resin

Circles of life flatten into wax patterns and spin
And groove
And Burn into melting pot
Mix on a table that turns
            And turns

Timetables break and turnover turn into turntables with break beats

Re-peating time
      Re-reading time
          Re-leasing time
             In heart Beats Per Minute



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