the poetry that matters

Gwen Garnier-Duguy

Gwen Garnier-Duguy is a French writer who has published novels, essays and poetry. He is currently the Editorial Director of Recours au Poème, www.recoursaupoeme.fr.


At the threshold of the doorway
my former skin
falls away
beneath the renewed earth
of my virtues
and abominations
the earth takes everything to itself
enfolding these layers that will bring forth
the lemon tree in flower
The man I was
reformed entire
by his will
to pass over
-the body magnified with paradise-
the shimmering green threshold
that the desire
to live more fully
calls into being.




Alone must be chosen
amidst terror and disaster
the word that lights up
constellations in the night sky
The integument of life
beacons of thought
like a woman reclining
the bloom of the future nestled in her breast


Interpreted in English by Elizabeth Brunazzi


Poems from Dance Upon the Territory, Gwen Garnier-Duguy

Editions de l'Atlantique, 2011.
Interpreted in English by Elizabeth Brunazzi

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                                                                                                                 July 2, 2012