the poetry that matters

George Moore

George Moore has collaborated with various visual artists for showings in Spain, Iceland, and Canada, and his poetry has been appeared as well in England, Ireland, and France.  He completed a recent residency in Portugal, and is working on a collaborative performance of art and poetry for a gallery in Strasbourg, Austria, later this year.  His most recent manuscript was a finalist for the 2007 Richard Snyder Memorial Prize from Ashland Poetry Press, and he has new work appearing in Temenos, Bathhouse, Zone, Diode, Diagram, Stickman Review, Queen's Quarterly and The Antigonish Review.  Moore's eBook, All Night Card Game in the Back Room of Time, is available from Poetschapbooks.com (2008), and his collection, Headhunting, was published by Edwin Mellen in 2002.  He teaches literature and writing with the University of Colorado, Boulder. 



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