the poetry that matters

gary lundy

gary lundy taught at the University of Montana Western before moving to Providence, RI. His poems have appeared in a variety of magazines including: why vandalism? (online); snow monkey; karamu; spout; heeltap; rfd; the tule review; black book press, the poetry zine; timber creek review; elimae (online); aura literary arts review; harpur palate; poetry flash (online); the main street rag; the rockford review; and, voices israel. i have poems forthcoming in pudding magazine; clara venus; celebration; elements; and, riversedge.

how seeing. they do. after words

how seeing. they do. after words. expectation. flourish. solid like mass. fluttering. surface insects. running. a part. of the way. together. she never. reappears. is never present. even during. the intermittent sleep. the shoe shine. man. flutters. sunk shoulders. off. dances. in some sort. of jig. music posturing. she vanishes. all ways. is departs. speaks comfortably. in the promise. of good-bye. rattle the. storm screens. wipe up. the mess. of deteriorating. once seeking. he. comes together. alone. in the city. no fire. sex ripe flaming. any. place. grind. the chordal. push. as disappointment. counts the sounds. he sees through. that particular. window. the haunting. misremembers. event. ice flower glasses. tie this. out. his hands. grip. hardly. their presence. on her. crumbling shoulders. she dies. just then. suddenly. without warning. as they. all. do. when. entering. this. frantic pleasure. in wanting. want in need. to come together. they meet. once more. but can never. recapture. their early. elongation. in fervor delight. fit to fix. once. more. to begin. the slow. forgiving. departure. their end. inescapable. present. even. before they. meet. believing. they mean. need to be. alone. he elopes. in conversation. slides. it now. winter. the overpass. icy. the trucks scatter. jack knife. he plods. carelessly. enrapture. justice recalls. fear in. pain. grief. they know. only. one more. it is. never. more than. suddenly. once.




the grunge. bunch. contagion. diphtheria

the grunge. bunch. contagion. diphtheria. the swiss. beautiful woman. whose. bead of sweat. he. even now licks. between her. secret. and memory. of now. tickets. rein it. in. let. the and. grow. it is. a stranger. the delusional. young man. now. hospitalized. his body wracks. in fearing. of death. uncontrollable. cool halo denial. writes. the bark cross. that other jesus. ring. the bell. dark phantom. character. hold onto. the bite. let the skin. bleed pleasure. recollect. their mechanical. voices. in from. the other time. give a call. clouds fall. in. loud bitch wale. giggle the door. open. he wants. wanting now. in calmly. betrayal. to spark romance. redundant. the delusional. one. bleeding. unrecognizable. the familiar laughter. laughing. she can. will. not trust. the sign of. two. suns. hold from arms. she billows. floats. floating into their. seattle. set down. the ugly. dwarf. the one abandons. flees through. the city. sees. walking. talks about. how. it. the fuck is. and why. just because. she's. who she remains. someone. has to be. there. the other one. aborts. in fearing. pain. his touch. tough. again. their fault. mesmerizing filament. purposeful.




temporal allergy. she floats

temporal allergy. she floats. at night hugging. his. beastly comeliness. hold against. the simple words. people are. that's what. it. means. the artist. whose foreign. body. engulfs. the others. imagination. after words. cannot find. the anger. necessary. to her work. oil canvas. satisfaction. righteous. she pumps. pats. prods his. midsection. remembers. they're lovers. goes down. after words. he comes rising. eyes. laughing laughter. they. these two. will never be. the same. he cannot. though. wanting want. need to find. the sudden. space. where bewilderment. wrestles. in constant. perpetual. design. see. that is. how he looks. it is never. a good. enough day. why the. he. keeps the. broken piece. like a hard. memory. his son. fragments. floats. balloons. fill in words. have people. come up to. play. sea gulls. ruminate on. a shoreline. eighties. music soap. opera. she never. thinks. that far. rough drag. at the. light the fag. suck. deep. while the one. in drunk anger. kicks a cross. down. right here. wants to keep. his dying. dies. all ready. in contagious. in fearing. subterfuge. the older one. thinks holy. thoughts. saves others. rich stadium. of spectral. vision. the young grunge. women. dirty in. brilliant. soda fountain. face. evil part play. laughing. knead their others. breasts.

         natures calling. so. let's just say. they call. their. all these others. for ball.




mechanical voices. require. elopement

mechanical voices. require. elopement. call it. real. open. he plays. in differently. mikes the substance. gaily follows. her. home. the one. now. suddenly excites. reads into. every. part an allure. imagines. licking intermittently. glows in wanting. needing. his tall feel. this may. be. happens. having happens. never see it. or any body. else. outside. require. blood test. fast game. to. her. the young. lovely one. he wants wanting. kneading skin. tightly. reduce to pleasure. embrace. it's a good. day. their. tiresome mechanical. voices. pretend. to surf. a wave of. kindness. loss. ugly and real. elongates. in integral spirals. sop the stop. sign. fever. throw the bottles. away. recycle loss. quiet. like miraculous. she says. i will. be. arriving soon. a mystery aglow. dog pound. futility. he scores. leaves soon after. she keeps. his photo. next to their. bed. annoying. herself each. night. in memory loss. can not. loose. the shudder. her shoulder. swollen. towers over. his traditional. thing. the young. people wander. in earnest. displeasure. they all. presume. act in knowing. their understanding. singular. pleasing.




her voice. haunts. from his

her voice. haunts. from his mechanical. past. a great. way. to look at. it. tend bar. up there. perhaps september. loudly their. voicing. pleasure. a skin boil. business. see. them later. out a back. door. stool embalming. fantasy. cough. hack up. yellow. nicotine orange. mucus. banana peel. peeling. she disappears. leans into. toward oblivion. ready. the monster platinum. two. year old. saddle. the momentary. start. aback. the flame hot. sexing. that's what happens. notice. the young girls. walk. toward. turn. into the. alley. press their ripe. hot sexing. bodies. against the. drunk old. mans. rough face. fall in mock. sensitivity. enjoy this anonymous. moment. he. not ever. even. scurrying. rests. in delusional fragments. sucks. the large. orange titted. womans. bright nylon. fun. they. the three. girls. ease their. parochial clothing. ruffle. on. in laughter laughing. see. the guys. following. closely. behind. she. her golden hair. gaily. in winter wind. they will. following. take her down. behind. the convenience store. in the alley. not where. the drunk. old man pleasures. with familiar. girls. they hold. her. ripping. their redundant. way.

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                                                                                                                             October 16, 2011