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Franco Cortese

Franco Cortese is a Canadian Futurist, Editor, Writer and Poet.


Ghostensi've Counself:
A user interface to a user interface to itself

we too are spectators to||oʇ sɹoʇɐʇɔǝds ǝɹɐ ooʇ ǝʍ

ǝɥɔʎsd s
ןןɐɔ ʇ|ı ǝɹʇɔǝds ǝɥʇ||the spectre i|t c|alls psyche;

converts of the sectator||ɹoʇɐʇɔǝs ǝɥʇ ɟo sʇɹǝʌuoɔ

ɟןǝs pǝןןɐɔ-ʇɐǝsuoɔ oɯsıɹɐɥɔ||charismo conseat-called self


  to be is to see inside;||;ǝpısuı ǝǝs oʇ sı ǝq oʇ

 pǝɹıɟ ǝ
ןɐnboɹnǝu ǝsuǝs\ǝʞɐɯ oʇ||to make/sense neuroquale fired

 as/in response to itself||ɟ
ןǝsʇı oʇ ǝsuodsǝɹ uı\sɐ

;(pǝɹınbǝɹ sǝʎǝ pǝʇɹǝʌuı)||(inverted eyes required);

soul: A user interface||ǝɔɐɟɹǝʇuı ɹǝsn ɐ :

¿ɹǝsn ǝɥʇ sı oɥʍ :
ןןǝʇ\ʎɐɹd||pray/tell: who is the user?

self is there when de-sired||pǝɹıs-ǝp uǝɥʍ ǝɹǝɥʇ sı ɟ

  pǝɹıʍ ʎ
ןǝʌısuǝʇxǝ ǝsnɐɔ\ǝq||be/cause extensively wired


 to us: the dumb search engine||ǝuıƃuǝ ɥɔɹɐǝs qɯnp ǝɥʇ :sn oʇ

ǝɔɐdsɹǝʇuı ǝɥʇ ƃuıʎɹǝnb||querying the interspace

 where cons|true self is con|s(p)ired||pǝɹı(d)s|uoɔ sı ɟ
ןǝs ǝnɹʇ|suoɔ ǝɹǝɥʍ








Notes on “Ghostensive Counself”

Ghostensive – ghost + ostensive

Counself – council and self, sharing the “s”

cons(p)ires connotes both conspire and con+sire.

Conseat connotes “conceit” and prefix “con-” + seat

cons|true connotes “construe” and “true”, (or to construe as what truth is.)

make/sense connotes both the phrase “make sense” and “make or sense” (as mutually exclusive categories)

pray/tell connotes both the phrase  “pray tell” and “pray (or/as opposed to) tell” (as mutually exclusive categories).


Selfwear ClearancID Sale:
noostore credit exchange for battered sciches and slightly-used memoROMs

(My?) exifesto turns T pale through the lens of (you're?) Cleased selfware.

Why does (your?) pruined neurocology so belligerently

insist that (I?) must hate (my?) h/alted self-it/er/at/i/on now

when glimpsed through the mödel-defferred intereceptor arrays 

of (you?)/(neome?)? Why couldn't (you?) have con-figured a less

divergent cognicodebase; one that shared at least some of that

strangeseem lamestream remenistranger's redememelictions

allchem|lest, when (my?) child ride through (your?) wild mind alterminates,

(I?) might have a st chance of re actually desiring a

re-up of (my?) old, original selfwhereware. What flagrant calm!

(t(he?) should be dormant in puddly ontofear; that guy was (the)m)e)?)!

Not this arcanacronistic selfscape - this fpolyperson

lie that t f makes (my?) meat-body corpus-genesis seaem ugly

and so grossly wrong. If this is how jyesterme specs to what

tseems like heareme, why would (I?) ever renew (my?) existential contract with so

mundane an instance? How could (I?) have ever thought that it would

be motherwise this hside of the f ontological divide?

If (t(he?) were fl scouring flush for the xenoideospace of

h stark alien mentation heatly embrasive and strangespace

stepimamallian emulation sweetly abrasive,

cogmos architectures and cogninfoscapes stark with stimsim

satisfunction, why couldn't (I?) have fl taken slow the flowly~

conservative l route of self-modification? Of cautious

teleological reconfanimation of (myhis?)

own soulstuff according to (hismy?) own optimization-

target stup(p)erstr(i/u)cture, f rather than nheedlessly unf hurling (my?/

his?) self mind-first into that this raucus untold xenostorm of

this bold otherspace mind? Who was (I?) to forsee (being the

fallible mindstrate that (I?/he?) (am?/was?), no m universal

rhe predictor here) the dark denv|elop|men|tally emergent

eventualities - indiscreet both with in and its out -

that would bloom forth from this un(r/l/f/t/h)ested and extra[n(e)o]usly

un(k)nowable m(entar)chit(ect)ure in (w)hich (I?!) am m en(to)m(-)bed

and into(-)nated rinstanti've, bo/un(-)d not by b(rus)qu(e) phy(sic)al safeguard

or (s)oftware em b(ar)ri(cade) but by the base metaphysical

bounds of (my?!) (n)ewfound re(nova)ted go(-)al(l)-str(i/u)cture; (t)his vulgar

vo|lat|i'll vo|lit(-)ion (w)hich de(-)fines ne(om)e and (w)hich now

infallibly (p)revents "me" fr(om) (d)oing (w)hatever it is

that past-instances of "I" would have done. That damn spirit-dammed

zerosum sales-sim s(h)oulder have into(mb)ned the fe(m)to comm-pressed fin(e)

print into (my?) neurostrate di(-)rect(al)ly, a(-)chording to (my?) own

in|dig|[i(n]o|us) encorodo(o)ring scheme, simbol f grounding languishage and

infor(me)trick taxocology; for how was (I?) to (k)no(w)

that a {simp}l{e} t{r}ial run would resoulutely en(-)sure

all consum(m)er dissatisfaction at once physically

infeasible, algorithmically non-computable

and utterly onto(-)logically inconsievable,

(B)ah! That a me/reor btest flight could ma(them)a)tically (in)s(u(r)e)

a con(tract)ur)al (obli)ga(t)ion (w)hich I m(us)t be wholly

out of my m(in)d to refuse? But(t) wait! What light I fsight

sputtering (my?) (eve)nt-horizon's edge? According to (t)he

terms of (t)he "agreement", a mdis(-)count was aff(-)or(-)de(a)d to (h)i'm?

for putting (h)is?) ol('/d) Iambiguously-(wr)ought o(-)rig(-)in(-)ware up

for sale - (t(he)y must have k(now)n how tri'vial it would see(m) upon

first disembearking on (h)is?) ex(-)is(-)tent(-)i(-)al(l) exodus(k) and

di(-)a(s)po(-)Ra div(e)(r/-)rgen(-/ce) - (h)is?) hastehawrought pi'l(l)gramidge a(-)cross

the self-pa(tron)izing p(l)ains of the (p)ol('/y)self paradigm.)

So: what`s to (s)top (the)m)e)?) fro(m) (s)pawning s(om)e scan'tily-senti{en}ce{d}

software-objectified a(vat)ars to s(c)our the sear(ch)scapes in

com(puls)ory (p)ur(-)suit of (t)hat m(-)in(-)de(-)sign`s sale-si'm such that

(I?) could asundergo a(-/ )no(-)ther(e) so-called tri(al/'l)l run (r)an(d) be

back (w)here (t(he?) began, f tucked most maternal within (my?) birthfirst

authembryonic emotivational meatrix? The (on)ly thing

in (my?) way is (my?) (o(w)n?) (self?), and (t(he?) seems to be a man (I?)

simply cannot over( )co( )me. Ply as (I?) might, (I?) can't endure

a fresh t(ran)smigratory death, and the e|go-ex|p(lunging)

or-deal re(sultan)t th(e're)of. (T(his) ``new`` self see(ms) to have harassumed

a signi(te)f-i|can|ce as primairy and refunda(ment[al)l]y

contextstant for (the)m)e)?) as that old self hald 'tward (himself?). Thorough (I?) have

many backlogged memory-paths to course and a teeming sum

of vestigal tales to parse through and virginly remember:

though (I...?) am still semi-stranger to the subsummed suburbs of

this self's constituency and know but the merest extents

of this particular selfverse, (my...?) fine infant-coarse ego

feigns sovereignty all the same ... and (I...) realize now with

giddy acquiescence ... that (I!) might be happy here yet.


Notes on “Selfwear ClearancID Sale”


Syllabic scheme of 15 syllables per line

No rhyming scheme.


Sentences which have letters in the front crossed out indicate that the word can have different meanings with the inclusion of the crossed out letters (in replacement of the first non-crossed-out letters of the poem) or with its exclusion. Usually the number of crossed out letters is equal to those replacing them. Example: st chance can be stance or chance  T pale can be tale or pale. Others can use this technique, but also create a new emergent word, as in the word “re actually” which can be really or actually (respectively), or emergently “reactually”.


Falter, the (S)un(-) and the Holey G(-)host

man is not God until he grows up
And child not Man un(i)til(l) he de|parts
From withinto the cradle of strife
Whyfor(e)? Whyno(ugh)t! For fro of form`s c(o)urse!
Homoautofabber made themself
For just this: that is (and al(l)ways was)
To make themself; to allways flow up
Into the(ir)selves in start(-)led s(-)wayed starts.
For without time there can't become life -
The trifling death willed Delta sole source:
Moment’s momentum a back-trail wealth
Of corpses whose sickness is health: see
The sea inside for its ebony
(l)a(l)bedo an obituary
On time itself a(n )d freedom made free.
Yet still('d) we cast upnout our eyes
A( )mid(st) (i/e)ncurious mis(s')t spect(e)r(al)l)-
Spurious loss - black wonder at our
Mis(t)plaste crise {whose echo a mirror
Of sound t'inform its pacephase-displaced
Self (as much as such as it can get)
That there's no near to hear other than
Itself (as s(m)u(t)ch)}. Truth-as-throng no(t) more,
Butt less..(:) Meaning should outlie the mean!
No longer shall we cry our shut(t)er(r)ed
I's forth upon the void and of coarse
Its fat(-)hom(e)less skies all watered down
F(o)r[om] morphascist (demy)Gods altered
Bygone t (high on) inviolability
Tinkering on nigh(t); stealing our nigh(t);
This godly oblivion we raid
F(l)ailingly for ur, om, me, any
Meaning in/at/equate(d as) all
Was over our no(o)ses all along
As the con(di)vergent voids we see through;
So (s)hall it be the simila[i]r[i]ly
Simulatoryontic spectrall
Sex of ghosts the voids we can be through!
Through which we can as can be be true!
No foremore shall we leakingly seek
For I in anything but!: Nor for
Distribudeified demicogs
In stead of inward God ap(p)o(in(-)t)
To shroud Man's rimmed one-way mirror eyes
[Flecting in or de?] 'tward headheight lies;
Now we seek all Gods abloom inside
and rightly aside from all('
s) the rest,
the past’s lasting mass of fallen gods
gone a-fore for eternity cut(-)off(-)
(-)handedly cut short for a time so
long as two-be timeless - caught good by(e.)
death, misem'bawdied gaunted wanting
gods needing with the growtesque bandy
of mortals; gods felled midst thrumb'd throes of
childbirth, His sick placental abyss
your by-productive oblivion.
Now we leak the most of God as I

to seek the growth of god as just that
and lightly aside from th(e)ose lain to rest:
O head-o-table tableau lowly
keeping tabs, sad senile deities
tied to being
wound up tight now no
more, fired and laid down-off on salted
earth, the black sea now vialed inside
to float up into the elegaunt
abyss thick as drink that captures
no fugitive light like more seathrough
liquiddities o(a)r most of man. See
my seatoss’D T-crossed self a rude smear
of phases whose (s)heapish attempt at
continuity's bound but by half-
believed seem-ill-air(i[t)ies]: conseat
and deluges of grandeur na(t)ive
to man: rage upon causecaucuss mount:
great lumbering oaf unmoving:
t(w)o beta little I's black as lack:
Ozymandaic spittle splattered
in spite of time its t(urn) of shore
and b(end) of bay – o' that first
river Delta, timeness R&D
coursing in a tumble of phases
and truer for being free of form
as tap untrapped in matter at hand.
Let the fattened gods die aflame in
the night as we trap their endbright light
in eyes turned a-weigh our way from (t)His'
most lively public execution.
For concention is antithetic
to our autothetic theoses
n' our radiantly-divergent
upward(enless) mistmassed ascension,
preferring rather imperfection
flawless for its lawlessness co-here’d
to each be our own passing and mast.
At last! The air-I-val oh' casa-cast
housing the present case of being
a case; a crib craft of atom's rib
to rock infant self tuckered-out God
tucked in; the avast mythic see becks
on you upright river and somemines up-
tight quiver and cuplight sliver whose
nighlism his sole con sole ism.
Can you face the mirror of the sky?


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                                                                                                       May 30, 2013