the poetry that matters

Fenn Stewart

Fenn Stewart currently resides in Toronto. Recent work has appeared in The Capilano Review, Open Letter and Peter F. Yacht Club.


Word of the Day

preface (epistolary)

you do understand my self
and well i do better than my self
So cause. I am not trying to be nice
I really mean it

Although you specialize in birds
bien à toi.  martin. martin.

gallactico, n.

wahoo, int.

limerence, n.

apparent arbitrary,
it all consists of submission to his neighbours.
a vivid intersection: the mother’s writ

we can think of course but of one cause:
Essex. an unknown, external agency.

to drink ecclesiastical
to interfere with livestock
to the swelling, to syntactical Americana
this is no ordinary condemnation

the sterilizing plea
this weather
chimique for brains


west ridinger
mappa mundi
tinfoil hat
table tennis

Mareograph, n.

move out, mule.  everyone can count your wiles. a gun now that’s a genuine proposition. spell lightly, son, just like us. the rat post done alluded to ‘im. like a west coast army like a rank colonel like a bride in a hard storm riding. a derogation electronic. these last five years a squid a premier half-eleven. hardtail.

maleficium, n.

scouch, v.

owl, v.

he reformed independently after a foreign question
his loops closed, his branch formed
his displacement clearly glacial
like the height of waves over a period of time
over and automatic and continuous
over a Swedish tide

and did he mean to furnish useful results?
did he, hell. how ought they be confined?

rocker, n. 1

a police-constable, the very basket that you slept in
my God, that little Edgar
a spotted barrel like four pigs
we should be horses, no?

a mutual antipathy
amongst boys who dress differently
my current LP your extended use
art, cock, pomp, punk, soft, trash

punnet, n. 2

the first sample is a season: green peas or a supposed inventor
compare thighs, a regional variant
London is made of strips or chips of wood
among other things

the surname Strawberry or occasionally from four to twelve inches
no documentation is available
his provenance uncertain, Reginald: o
the herald’s origin

ipsative, adj.

a normative scale is rarely calculated: it’s normative
and yet my own performance
let him not suggest a convenient side homme
nor, let not an item represent the Mississauga
is this the most effective feedback system?
this calculated suffix
to a plain child or a text
to designate a prolapse: see the first element



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                                                                                                                                          August 2011