the poetry that matters

Felino Soriano 

Felino Soriano, from California, a behavioral assistant and philosophy student.  The existence of being a classic and avant-garde jazz enthusiast juxtaposed with his philosophical studies, one can ascertain his poetic inspirations.  His poetry appears or is forthcoming in over 90 print and online journals including Blaze VOX, Zone, Ygdrasil, Silent Actor, Hecale, Cherry Blossom Review, Bewildering Stories, Houston Literary Review, among others. 

Felino Soriano's latest book is Exhibits Require Understanding Open Eyes from Trainwreck Press.

Double Sided Pledge


Of the begging disposition


to floating in materialistic mayhem

emotional moths

                             exploring territorial

translucent threads, dangling in suspending


          of guitar string thick light,

painted upon partial existence,

partial other

existential mode toward believing

in nihilism,

        which is the nowadays

anthem of garbed becoming.


Swaying sideways,


               along lengths of traffic signs,

signs to come, after thoughts,

thinking critically of assuming

societal transformations

singing solos within elegiac

chimes of tonal thematic,

well wishing tongues.


Generational holes find steps


filled by memorial tombs

with names of the begging

and pledging to change

directional faces.



Analyzing Assumptions


Memories that have been picked

and dusted,

                    shaken fancily,

dropped with spiraled motions in a sporadic

repeat of bodily existence,

the mind enhances

                               with transitional molding

of newness

                   towards transpiring devotionally,

spreading vernacular among ensuing specialized




high above transparent breaths,

born in reflective, retroactive


              paused in the whirling attributes

of the thinking being, critical analyzers

pointing within rhythmic efforts of

consequential delays. 





Varying silence, increasing in crawling


                    sliding until shout swallows

all remains, all bodily harm and

crunching whisper.

                                Silence allows


              as in preparation of tranquility



              towns of bones unwinding into

decreased population,

though remaining within


numeric display lingers across horizontal fathom.


Silence shows existential

modes of becoming pensive,

a mode of people hiding within their

multiple minds,

                          unneeded of psychotropic medications,

for reclusive behavior

is a description

                         not determination

 of normality.





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