the poetry that matters

Dustin Holland

Dustin Holland writes and edits for Guerilla Pamphlets under the name Archey P Caane. He has also been published in Counterexample Poetics.

the man

with a

square jaw

and bug eyes

framed fake

feathers and

watched henry

die in the

living room

on a Saturday


while humming

declarations of war



facial recognition software
screams "save me spiderman"
and finds comicbook religion
in the electrical storm

duckfooted angels
faces split in 2
2 dimensional wings
shake holding canned ghosts

coastguard operatives
with 'i kill pirates'
tshirts load into the van
ready to hit the town

and penguins with snakes
for fingers
read their menacing poems
on street corners and

bodhisattvas who've
forsaken the human language
dance to traffic jam
symphonies and the shouts
of street vendors like
clowns somersaulting down
hallways full of lions

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