the poetry that matters

Drea Jane Kato

Drea Jane Kato was born in California, but currently resides in Hawaii. 

Composite Poem

Two feet away & right
before your mother & me talk
about the sparks or mushrooms.
Your body because it is a dress,
orange because bleeding profusely
& asleep.

I miss my paint, neon flower.
Help me a lot & a suicide
takes over.  You did not come
when I realize, when I see
glitter on my face.  People
who cut stars pretended to watch
more memories, crystals and
sometimes a rainbow asleep,
hollow arms & legs.

Love me thousands of miles, swallow,
dance, relapse.  I see her
rubber nipples, a thousand a day.
You never will, clearly, one grave,
one wish, years of wood.

Roaring hearts, everything a
metaphor.  Things make me happy-
green smiles, muscles, mother's
ashes & cigarettes. Sharks jumped by
glass in your heart, as if they are
roads, streets, birds, pills of ecstasy.

I am going for more iron, smells of
blood & soap, money & drugs, handbags.
Get away from everything, syringes,
art, rainbows, reality.  Cut shadows
followed by high heels.  Again?  Why?

You scare me, stretch marks.  Stop.
Things, even after all, love ghosts.

Witness yourself, your own skin, your
lifeblood down your throat.  I want to
myself, at the dollhouse.  Hands behind
my back, pumped pink blood, eat it.  
My room under the blacklight.  I can see
glass in them, things in life, the stars
or eating the only good thing,
razor blades.  Full of cigarettes,
today, and all your favorite things.

You, my tummy, were something else.
In bathroom stalls, I don't want you.
My blankets, my pillows, a bib.  Wet,
cold again, run away my military baby.
Your smile, bright, rejects you.  Somebody else.
I want to lay with nouns easily.
I feel love.

Disgusting, the streams have no children.
Red roads, men working.  Guts of light.
I won't cry back on the rocks again, in
a puddle in the opportunities an angel wants.

Your house on fire.  Faster
tell your mother to slow down.  Wax a
handgun and your mothers drink too much.
Your thighs at the sunset, who got scared
first, in the closet.  Eat his hair like
never again as you say jewels fall
smothered by the shapes.  You don't even
open up to me.  In the bathroom again,
like windows, your heart.  Fat like
dancers cut open, covered in blood.
Your ceiling & carpet glitter like stars.
Drown yourself naked in bleach
you took a minute,
now give it back.

A lot of things about me sometimes
poisons in my mouth.  Again I pray off
my entire face.  Like the way I eat &
breathe. My meds, bong rips, trees look
outside, and the better, the best
happened to me.

In the morning your house.  I want you.
Kill and have time to scream.
Moon sparkles for your hands, made of clay,
entirely.  You I found in my pocket, when
the honey in the world craved sweet & sour
cigarettes.  With you, that is, aching for days,
I forgot lunch.  You say: taste, shower, right now.
Birth can promise I am serious.  Give me a hug, blacklight.
Flowers don't tickle.  Please, I want to,
I want you.  You think that drugs are beautiful blowing up
her eyes.

I am not like honey.  Leave me for
her blood.  Love me on the floor, pastel
colors for a year.  Blue floor, the only thing
I can paint.  I will vomit blacklight and then
come back.


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