the poetry that matters

Derek Sou

Derek Sou resides in Victoria, B.C., where he moved after years of living abroad.



Pheromones swirl.
Physiology betrays.
Sticky mucilage pins.

Carnivorous clamp closes.
Panic. Enzymes eat.
United, cells split.

Petrol-poisoned plants burn.
Acrimonious smoke lingers.
Leachate bioaccumulates.

Children clutch elusive iridescent swirls,
gold glimmers released by mercurial meanders.
Mothers frantic as kids lick lucky fingers.

Prophets portend profits.
Averse advisers abscond.
Desperate debtors oblivious.

Contusions confound.
Miraculous mirages mire.
Emasculated obloquies echo.

Eloquence ensnares
jurisprudence in
/Dross vs. Earth/.



Wisps shiver skin.
Algae stains snow.
Efface with scrape.
Blank once more.

Crystals cluster,
minimize melt.
Convoke clouds,
winds, moon too.

Diffuse brilliance.
Cool, congeal,
coagulate crust.
Reflect radiance.

War of attrition
until autumn.
Solar persistence,
Bulwarks bleed.

Prodigious pools
long lackadaisical
muck up marsh,
breech boundary.

Burn, run, rill,
freshet, creek, way.
Erode, trickle, jut,
caress, fell, flood.

Cut banks like teeth.
Cargo hauled free:
trash, silt, trees.
Churn, round, grind.

Temperament wanes.
Wider seems slower.
Shade shelters fish.
Paddles slap, slosh.

Sinuous meanders,
generous curves
nervous near sea.
Crash, blend, blur.

Steadily sediment
relentless abuse.
Estuary insurance.
Flap, feed, fertilize.

Inertia absorbed,
volume's victory.
Delve deeper
on diluvial days.



Skipped, excused,
released. Freedom!
Overpass delights.

Bikes, sleds, mods,
semi, Hemi, rods
speed below.

Arcade, movie
own choice,
points or glory.

Dodge, leap, dare.
Accumulate points.
Add tailgater bonus.

Limitless lives
excuse missteps
so showboat skills.

Bend bumpers,
dent hoods,
crease roofs,

Steel, plastic,
carbon. No

Chuckle, laugh,
scream, glee.

Sprint trailer
faster than bolt.

Stomach growls,
turns reality on.
Plod home.


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