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Denis Robillard

Denis Robillard was born in Northern Ontario and now teaches high school in Windsor, Ontario. For the past 15 years over 80 of his poems have appeared in small presses and on line magazines across Canada, USA, England and Scotland. Some of those include: Rattle, Rampike, Word Riot, Nashwaak Review, Algoma Ink, Cliff Soundings (Michigan), Sidereality, Orange Room Review, Dogzplot Magazine, Dusty Owl, Dufus and many more. In 2011 Robillard was published in Windsor Review and Bolts of Silk (Scotland) among others. In 2012, his poems will be featured in an anthology focused on the War of 1812 to be published by Black Moss Press. Robillard freelances stories on occasion in the pages of Hey Philippines Magazine.

Statistics Canada

The basic coordinates are 6 and 9 [the]

Her soulful range ranks a 4. [her]

My brain magnitude is 7.8 [my]

The teacher student ratio is 1: 28 [my]

His salary is 65,000 CAN. [his]

Her gravitational pull is + 1 [her]

The printer sequence is 4 2 3 1 [our]

Her angle of repose is 18 degrees. [her]

The m force of her smile is 9.1 [her]

The spore ratio is 2 million to 1.

His earthquake magnitude was 6.4 [poem]


Is a tropical island situated in the Pacific Ocean which has the molecular composition

c 6 h 12 o 6

also a white crystalline disaccharide of sandy dreams, a white foamy shored island inhabited by carnivorous lizards
of the genus VARANUS ranging in length from several miles to several inches.

When you deprive a body of sugar after its become dependant you can go into hypoglycemic shock.

There are also large turtles there

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                                                                                                    April 12, 2012