the poetry that matters

Deborah Wong

Deborah Wong is of second generation Malaysian-Chinese descent. A law graduate from the University of London, she attended the summer intensive creative writing courses at the University of British Columbia. Her daily poetry can be found in http://deborahytwong.wordpress.com


Inkstand Candles


Spill them like a blood should be

Impatient vultures, plural not singular;

Thirsty, hungry and hungry, thirsty –

Helter-skelter in the name of Arch



A minute to spare


Chu favourite is Joan of Arc, ogling on

Troubling mind dictating by caffeine, nicotine

Disembodied voices raping cerebral


Vermicelli of larva-like genetic mutation

Cheese, glue, starch, potatoes flour; taming and

Farming stale liquid on chu skin –


Indulgence and compulsion of lust,

Counting candles in Mama’s womb

Swimming for freedom and fluid survival



                                                                                                             January 5, 2014