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[d]avid : [t]omaloff

[d]avid : [t]omaloff | racine, WI, US |author, LIONTAMER’S BLUES (six eight press) | his work has also appeared in Straylight Literary Arts Magazine, BlazeVOX 2KX, Deuce Coupe, Asphodal Madness, and is forthcoming in Turntable & Blue Light | see: davidtomaloff.com  | see: liontamersblues.tumblr.com

American Vernacular


waking from dreams

     a.      shouting
     b.      obscenities


"she wondered

whether or not

                      it would

            -snow "


aura, a breeze

     a.       the capacity
     b.      for movement

     3.    [withintoetc] to disappear


American,  yes.


                      it will


American Vernacular II: shouting obscenities


american vernacular//

                   Gap illustriou$


co : mmon-

co : da


a foresight

un : appealing,


rife with

/a ten : dency


to dot-





If I get mine//

             where you


ge t : you rs,

c an : we


just call



e : ven?



type-  set

in sun   ;


sans-  poetica

seven  lifted


in blue-

sequine                d             b mi-



     a)      “I’ve got light-
     b)      “I’ve got light-
     c)       “I’ve got light-


“I’ve got light-



;  minisculinity

;  masocularity


divide-  articulate   ;

nosedive  beaming


on two : front fangs

or comes to-



mascara-  blood

on the\                 dance



;  for sale.

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