the poetry that matters

Daniel Sumrall

Daniel Sumrall is a poet and critic as well as an adjunct English instructor. His most recent publication credits include poetry in Right Hand Pointing, Autumn Sky, and The Apple Valley Review. Currently, Daniel is the editor of Gently Read Literature (www.gentlyread.wordpress.com), a web journal devoted to criticism of contemporary poetry and literary fiction.

[snow lost to night]


snow lost to night

miniscule, adrift

meant only to blur

lampposts’ saccharine light

that silhouette

each leafless tree

opposing every

instance of sight

extent of limb

to more or less








Her name matters, a sign I say

bringing together everything

she is; I know it’s not her name,

it’s my memory of her, I’m

thinking of; her name means something

to me, something said quietly

at night in dreams remembering

what is known, I go over it

again and again and I write

to her these thoughts: this thinking as

it comes, it goes to you and makes

the word, the name, I call out to

real enough to recognize me,

though when it ends no thing may be.






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