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Daniel f. Bradley

Daniel f. Bradley is the author of several books of poems including T=I=D=Y Language (Outland 2008), The Amazing Phobic Subway Phantasmagoria (tapt 2008), A Boy's First Book of Chlamydia - which includes the poem from which BookThug Press takes its name (BookThug 2005), and Before The Golden Dawn By David UU  (curvd h&z 2005).


He also has produced numerous volumes of visual poetry including Return To The Valley Of The Chrome Plated Megaphone (Produce Press 2008) and Maybe You Could Please Return My City Now (Live Matter 2007).


He has written and published in the Toronto small press scene for the last 20 plus years and remains an uncompromising spanner in the works of local litterati agendas. Recently, his magazine, fhole concluded a run of 15 issues in 4 years.

Other recent projects have included acting on the board of governors of the Blackflies Language Experiments and the notorious lit crit e-list BILE. He had been interviewed for Open Letter on the Toronto Small Press explosion in the 1980s and also for an independent film on the mysterious graffiti artist known as P.Cob.

He lives in Toronto with his girlfriend and their child. Rumblings can be monitored at fhole blogspot. 



community is something that moves million of dead book by book thoroughly dead so many books even if i lick their personality big fucking deal pay


community romantic clap time and respect each others fuck that basically for all the same silly end personality bullshit waste


lots of good air and a book so dominated so staunchly not kitties book but more properly pussy’s been


conclusively proven to be better than life a good way to confuse priorities when ever my ambulatory  war-machine gets all clanked up




and like passion like other kinds sea but some good fades away eventually ice plain ole hand fox is super-hot with braces


on his knees in a long procession of hot straight black hair is definitely the suck long cute smile too toy mist then add on marred by extremely lightening strap gets danced about


reveals a good rhythm going into wading perverse for


something to happen only to turn the tables in her and fake witch nail in mish mish little butt


we can hardly long sea due drill tall glass of kitty cause great paper dolls burnt to the ground into the dawn



but so much more than the majority gas guzzling pig populist snout still twat dance to dixie rainbow wedding of our dreams and you won’t let them your confused your marketing in it


thinking the market needs to hold someone’s hand and enjoy the magic stone people are happy with shit to play and eat eye think strawberry fields flavour can keep the shit eater crowd


entertained and remember that’s all that matters yea thanks for the pep talk maybe i can get a job working at your kiosk and you could teach me about spelling nice butt you know i could be just like suck lucky


foolish think their fuck buddy listen you little slut call me when you grown up and start to be on the nosey two mark eye mean point to the grimy shrine urchin in some short demented hot pant




and although i hate the patriarchy i love boys to have sex with who won't get emotionally involved


he volunteered she declined had something with stories vary and still obsesses of course was left off hello  


public antics last year proves she still has what it takes to be a hetro if you choose to accept hit self-destruct whose peer she is alike in form and feature


understanding and accomplishments still i will give her up if i must how about and although i hate the patriarchy i love cock



open wide when wet with blonde-tribalism-blowing candy pink severed up in small almost unconvincing orgasm lipstick orwell


can see the light come around here do not imitate london bridge or any form of architectural structure we heard they were worried about it coming down


everybody back away still pissing with great spectacle and inane chemistry great voyeuristic soapy somewhat dull hustler high sunset




excerpts from T=I=D=Y LANGUAGE







Daniel f. Bradley




Outlands eight / Letters Bookshop 2008



available from Apollinaire's Bookshoppe

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