the poetry that matters

Dan Hedges

Dan Hedges teaches English in the Sir Wilfred Laurier School Board of Quebec. He has also taught English at Sedbergh School, and the Celtic International School. He has lived in the Yukon, Southern Ontario, Spain, Mexico, and Quebec. Dan runs an artist collective called HUMANIMALZ, which is visible via www.humanimalz.com. He also runs an art blog called www.danhedges.blogspot.com.


Humanimalz levitated
to the buzz of – - -
the obscuring matrix of – - -
the sacred — intersecting thee physical,
aligned with meaning, and otherwise;
Eastwardly and Westwardly asserting will;
to the perennial questions.


Music progresses at the same rate,
that time burns itself out.
The light of music is proportional – - -
to the fleeting tragedy of time;
Beauty past or lost.

The Futility of Pursuing your own Thoughts

Visions in front of us are that; in front of us;
We pursue them loyally to the summit of grief,
While hasty they bend, disfigure, and vary.
We arrest visions and hold them at rest, for observation,
While the remaining phantasm floats away with smug efficiency.
By the time enclosed, after the exertion,
The nectar is superior once again in the vision in front.
In variety that is alive we reside,
which decides influence in general.

The Wool Plaid Hunting Hat Takes on an Eternal Quality

The version I’d like to protect,
Is the one,
in which,
the wool plaid hunting hat,
takes on an eternal quality;
and with the squirrels devising places,
for winter approaching,
We go devising,
a righteous metaphor for home too.
for the version sung,
in which,
the wool plaid hunting hat takes on,
an eternal quality.

Ego Perch

A box of angled sea-basses,
Are sacredly wheeled to the starting gate.
The one armed cray-fish in unveiled,
and overtakes car number five on corner eight.
Snowy Owl and Yellow Perch,
are debating the present tense,
while the haunting tense,
takes the strawberry social in stride,
with unchecked ego.

Four Line Poem

Obscure the Yellow Guitar
Abstract the Red Pail
Confuse the Topic
Set Up Camp and Stay Hydrated

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                                                                                                                                          August 2011