the poetry that matters

Dane Karnick

Dane Karnick grew up by the Colorado “Rockies” and lives in Seattle, Washington. His poetry has recently appeared in Subliminal Interiors, Carcinogenic Poetry, Orion headless and Curbside Quotidian. Visit him at www.danekarnick.com.


A Few Degrees Off
I stumble into
culinary mayhem
such tongue-in-cheek
a tug-of-war with
market share prices
white-knuckle driving
through the living room
unscripted scenes in
my family reunion
wholly unhinged as
the rest of the world
leans out the window.
Press Conference
Public demeanor
is a gamble since
gang violence
wrestles inside a
minuscule room
furnished with
glowing radar
phantom targets
reincarnated as
no audible sense
in accordance with
empty parking lots
where kissing is
no rebuttal please.
Renovated Madness
My living quarters is
subject to frisking
by sensual murk
invoking pancakes
an unjustified taste
at the crossroads of
unscheduled shrugs
their own language like
bowel dysfunction
in cabaret style
which can only mean
your tour is complete.
Harnessed by grief
no turning back this
charming chemistry
its history lesson
cutaway shots
to manikins
unwilling to budge
reminiscent of
best expression
something to recall
on weekends like
a crackerjack prize
a cigarette burn
a stuck sleeping bag
one way or another
one distinct moment
turns the trick so
anywhere is night
with ambient hiss
pressing my mouth in
brutal succulence.


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                                                                                                September 17, 2012